Famous last words.... Of every Cloud mining company!


So I realized I am posting alot of stuff about what our favorite scams did. GAW and LTCG are my favorites. Putting in Scrypt.cc because of obvious reasons

I want to dedicate this thread to record the best ever famous last words. I will start and update this as we go.


“XPY will have a $20 floor”
“Hashlets will never be obsolete”

LTCG - Chris -Beekeeper

“One day of maintenance week is required to be used several days earlier”

Scrypt.cc - Marcelo - Admin

"2015-07-20 04:00:01 We will be gradually be going back to normal reward revenue.
2015-07-20 04:00:00 I won’t make any jokes with ETA’s, heh."

Keep those famous last words coming guys, Want the best of the best. Better yet if you can dig up proof of these that would be even better :slight_smile:


“This program will continue until all Paycoins held in escrow are purchased at $20 USD in order to show all the you, and the world, that I am a man who stands by my promises.”


Paybase.com Blog

CoinFire Allegations About PayBase Are False

…and my all time favourite blog post:

A Message of Clarity: PayBase™ Is Here to Stay

Quote from the blog post:

And yes, we understand there is a lot of negative conjecture, innuendo, rumors, baseless accusations and outright attempts by extremists to destroy PayBase.

…and recently…

I guess them Extremists (aka The19) didn’t spread that much false info after all. :wink:


Et tu, Brute?

That is likely what said service providers feel like happened…they can never see that they did anything wrong and it was the “fudsters” that ruined it for everyone :smile:


I forgot the most common last word(s).


Bloody Extremists…


It’s funny how these extremist fudsters haven’t been able to destroy Hashnest yet (I hope these are not going to be famous last words about Hashnest - apologies to Bitmain in advance if I accidentally cursed them).


No time, they been so busy destroying other companies by faking thousands of emails and documents and man I tell you hacking the block chain takes time and it all needs to be well organised too (so I hear) :laughing:


I’m sorry but this is just plagiarism on my part… still I laugh when I go to this site thou.


“Innovative does not make a coin. A coining be used by the world that make a coin.”


CLOUDMINR.IO is temporarily down until a new website is made from scratch to avoid any backdoors left by hackers.
Please see bitcointalk.org for our announcement.


“Want to know how we will offer a $20 floor? The answer is easy. We will move the market with our buying power.”


Edit : this is just too hard, it’s just soo many that now I’m torn as to which wins the award.


This one may be the most frightening one of all:

“While I have less money than I had when I started GAW, its still enough to launch a new company.”

@Cryptic has a bunch of Ganzaisms…solid gold.


Technically Paycoin / Paybase wasn’t a cloud mining company. Bring on them ZenCloud quotes :wink:


“Those despicable re-sellers took advantage of everyone and my trust in them to profit at the communities expense.”

something like that :smile:


Everybody knows cloud sucks:

It’s going to be much easier to manage the market cap of a coin then pools and hardware


I remember that.

Happened right after Carlos had pressured the resellers to purchase the (apparently) last batch of prime hashlets at retail price with a statement among the lines of “time to make some money you guys should slap a $79 price tag on those look at the HashMarket they will shoot past $100 soon with everything we’ve got coming”.

Later Josh openly accused the resellers of having “gouged” the market and stated how disgusted he was by his valued resellers acting like that.

Shortly after Carlos and his XPY poker buddy were knocking out prime codes via forum PM at $59-69.

“Bitcoin mining isn’t profitable any more” - JG, Q4 2014 - embrace them 1 satoshi payouts.

Q1 2015 GetHashing was born, thank you Josh.


Are you trying to say that GAW and Zencloud were scams? That’s messed up man. You don’t know how hard it is being that smart and being that ahead of the curve. People just aren’t smart enough to understand mr. homero.

“This industry makes me sick”


That twitter feed is a goldmine. “Legal team” LOL. Some familiar names in there too :smile:

This was about the CoinFire hack and Garza tweeting something about karma. The tweet itself is gone sadly.


Now I’m trying to say that thanks to JG and his incompetence GH was born. Probably the only thing he ever accomplished which is kinda funky. If GAW would have managed to pull through with ProjectPrime and delivered on all the prime promises and if Josh wouldn’t have blown all the funds then who knows if we would be here today. :slight_smile: