Faucet Reaper Token


It would be a pitty to see the last paying asset go.


It’s only fitting considering how everything is going around here.:dizzy_face:


Hi All, been a long time since I posted here… I have decided that I will make 1 final dividend payout for this asset. This will occur in the next few weeks and I will post here again after I’ve sent it out.


Hi All,

It has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated, however here is the final payout for this asset. Thanks to all involved, it’s been a good 2 years running this :slight_smile:

Date: 10/07/17
Total BTC Sent: 0.00678942
Total per token: 0.00007545
TX: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/d63ecd536bc8229629c3182dde0afe2a7ba9f16824f9c0e08711a7a6c3ed1c51


You did a great job!