Faucet Reaper Token


Payment also sent for 5 tokens :smile:
Transaction ID: 78b456db159b6a1146cbc5e9afd29eb6e545cbafe6cd0d38bf80b123a7b9610f
Asset addy : akUQ7XFSe88Pg7BQvd7HCLVtp1ZfuktkmTJ
TY! :slight_smile:


This one takes me to a malware site…


http://moonbit.co.in is the correct URL i believe


Indeed it is. Fat-fingered that one sorry.

I will be updating the OP to resolve this.


OP updated with correct URL. I have also added a link to an epay.info faucet rotator which consolidates 13 faucets into one place. I’ve added a referral link which will add payments to the Crypto Giver Tokens.

If the admins don’t have any issues with this I will add a few other referral links to help Giver payments.


Tokens have been sent.


Tokens on the way.


sweet i have been grinding faucets for us, i like this project its a fun idea and i already use faucets anywayz :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, that’s what we like to see :slight_smile:


I have already done so on the GIVER thread to help benefit Reaper Token payouts.
Many of the “Direct” links I have listed benefit from using the GIVER payout wallet with a commission link for reaper tokens.
I believe if you do the same with the links I sent you we should each get an extra boost :+1:

Now people just need to get clicking.
Poor citizens bank must be paying these faucet operators out the wazoo for advertising :smile:


Thanks, will be interesting to see how this partnership pans out.

I’ve updated the OP with your referral links.


Looks like we are getting some decent referral payments on bitcoinzebra this week, as well as some from chronox and mybitcoinheart thanks to Giver Tokens. Haven’t seen any from epay.info as yet. Faucet balances are looking pretty good as well.

As mentioned in OP leftover funds from token purchases will be added to the payouts so our first payout on Monday should be good. I’ll post an update if payouts will be delayed due to the ongoing blockchain issues.


I’ve been hitting those pretty hard this week. :smile:

Going forward I will like drop chronox on my end and pick up anther of your reference faucets since the payouts are tiny in proportion to the time.

As for the epay rotator I have been hitting that 1-2 times per day so you should see some referral income by now?

That is another faucet that was good in theory but unless others help out there with all the 5-15 minute faucets it doesn’t see much benefit hitting the full panel only once or twice a day.



Yeah chronox is pretty slow to build up. I found another one similar but its even slower so don’t think I’ll bother with that.

Yeah not sure what’s going on with epay, can’t see any referrals at all.


It could be that each individual faucet pays out referrals once the limit is reached instead of the total amount from the full rotator?
I just went through my morning faucet ritual and see this at the top of each one so you should be getting credit!

I noticed I got some referral income overnight as well and each time it lists a specific faucet:


Hmmm my report doesn’t show any referral payments. Maybe because you had visited them before using my link?


Could be?
I’ve been using your link for the past 2-3 days so hopefully something starts showing by the weekend?

I also have a feeling nobody is hitting the faucets from my thread other than me, so epay referrals may be a bit slower… I’m trying to make that up with some of the other faucets though :+1:


haha all good :slight_smile:


Added here: