Faucet Reaper Token


Faucet I’m playing: www.btc-faucet.com


Awesome, thanks for helping out :slight_smile:


How to order FRT ?


This is from the OP. Hope it helps.


1st dividend has been sent:

Date : 13/07/15
Total Distributed: 0.01155871
Total/Token: 0.00011559
TX ID: fe3b7e60de8ab5089352132f743007914691aedb4b0fe89b68ee94da5d6398e2

As mentioned previously this payout is larger due to the unspent token purchases price being added to the payout.

Next weeks payout is also going to be larger due to the 50 unpurchased tokens still available. The dividends received with these tokens will be added to next weeks balance.


As there are still 50 tokens that haven’t been purchased, I am going to increase the per user limit to 10 tokens.

For anyone wishing to purchase additional tokens please follow the same instructions from the OP.


5 more purchased - https://www.coinprism.info/tx/d9045c804d098360b2473ca53529c0735909728b6a06043dac41a7ae0fe21d2b

Thanks :slight_smile:


So I don’t know if you’ve seen this one or not but I found it - https://farmsatoshi.com


Assets have been sent :smile:

I’ve seen some ads for this but haven’t looked into it. You are welcome to give it a go :slight_smile:


I’ve had an additional 2 purchases appear in the asset address. I’m not sure who you are but your tokens are on the way.

30 tokens still available.


I think this one is dead.
I noticed 2 days ago they stopped paying out and now I can’t access the site :frowning:


I agree and was going to report the same thing. They had a transaction pending on the blockchain for a couple of days which I’ve still not received then the site stopped.

I’ve found a few new ones as well which have quite good claim rates. Just waiting to see if they pay before listing them on here.


It’s pretty neat. Like Farmville on Bitcoins. Been checking it out. You basically have a farm and raise animals to sell for Bitcoin. Neat idea. I’ll be following this for awhile.


Ah that’s pretty cool.


This weeks dividends have been sent.

Date: 20/07/15
Total Distributed: 0.01245076
Total/Token: 0.00012451
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/b6f46875dbcff596ef0f3610f1c3356888a8a9e57c56d3b7d96e9ef3f02fec3d


30 tokens still available. If they have not been purchased after next weeks payout I may look at donating them :slight_smile:


I will buy 5 more for GIVER payouts in about 9 hrs or so :smile:


Is the limit of 5 FRT per user still valid?


I believe it was upped to 10 per person.


Ok then.


Send the assets to akGniU5uNDrtVyiEKUmfYa7jNQASfFkfvK1