Faucet Reaper Token


Yes just looking back through threads and what-not now and I can’t seem to see how I would’ve sent them to that address but I did somehow…

Are you able to send them to @lothendriel’s address please?

Hope this doesn’t screw round your numbers too much! Otherwise just destroy them and I’ll re-issue to @lothendriel


It won’t mess with anything. They came into the crowd address, I keep a small balance there for manual issuance anyway, plus the 600sats for that asset is way below the min to trigger a crowdsale purchase. I will get with @lothendriel and see where he wants me to send them.


Cool, thanks for letting me know.


No problem, it threw me a bit when I logged into my coinprism account and saw the asset. I have meant to buy some but haven’t gotten around to it.


Yes it would’ve been strange seeing them there.

I have actually sold all the available 100 assets but there may be some here willing to sell/donate some. I limited it to 100 total so as not to dilute payments too much with this asset not expecting to rake in high amounts each week.


Hey, I’m needing to send out the dividend’s tonight and noticed these are still sitting in the ABC crowdsale address. If you can move them in the next couple of hours that’d be great otherwise I will have to postpone payment until tomorrow.


If this can wait until I get to work in an hour our so; I will move them. Yesterday was my last day of vacation so I never checked my phone


Yep that’s fine. Hope you enjoyed your last day of holiday!


Ok maybe not. I will have to get with @rdyoung. The asset address I would like them sent to is akN5tCHZG59iWj9djgk1X9o76vf5G5vVMG7 just in case you all get to it before i do.

I did enjoy the last day. Such mixed emotions … lol


No worries, I might have to postpone the payout until tomorrow then.

My bad for sending them to the wrong address. Still don’t know how I managed to get that address?


I just sent them to his address. If your still awake, you can run divs as soon as it confirms :smile:


Many thanks!


Dividends have been sent. Apologies for the delay.

Date: 11/08/15
Total Dividends Sent: 0.00403024
Total per coin: 0.00004030
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/a156b4f1e4de9f657518db575084b0045313ce630292ba0fbdb34843409dfbe6


Thanks @FChoox! :slight_smile:


Dividends have been processed.

Date: 17/08/15
Total Dividends Sent: 0.00187957
Total per coin: 0.00001879
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/7f8b5f9238ab6a1ca109522a0269879c34ccc3c4dc39697fa1c588c066a7d2ab


OP updated with some new faucets I’ve been using.

We need some more clickers on the high paying ones and the “claim when you want” faucets to maximise our payouts :slight_smile:


Dividends sent.

Date: 24/08/15
Total Sent: 0.00202759
Total per token: 0.00002027
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/abca73d8dd6664367ecac94dd62e03353d89bf9db4c7413ca5b46c2b7835fc94


This weeks dividends have been sent.

Date: 31/08/15
Total BTC Sent: 0.00261725
Total per token: 0.00002617
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/a7ffd017a8351e753a17ab8629cebf23c9b09d84b76ca3a36038e3c639a8f160


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 07/09/15
Total BTC Sent: 0.00179627
Total per token: 0.00001796
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/5c8cb907d437e5f6f4432ff0047c820a71a9f7e8f05cbddd5657e13ee33d40dd


Dividends sent.

Date: 14/09/15
Total BTC Sent: 0.00287739
Total per token: 0.00002877
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/a698cba9b53ab33c85194fe5840d192e3e5c3e015e7b5c4c252936a788843098