Faucet Reaper Token


Don’t have any at the moment. Would be happy to help out if any left.






@lothendriel, @Tech2K, @InsaneMiner your tokens have been sent. :smile:

All freebies have now been claimed.


Thank you my good sir! :slight_smile:


Nice to see the cycle of giving keep going :+1:




Dividends were sent last night but I forgot to post the details here…

Date: 07/12/15
Total BTC Sent: 0.00275257
Total per token: 0.00002752
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/8366028dfa9ef5ee85d78692d434807e633c015134044ab32ad865f3a0afe55c


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 14/12/15
Total BTC Sent: 0.00218318
Total per token: 0.00002183
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/2442e82f9cf53c6bccd38459875783953a2339f286809072c28e6b11abd3e085


Dividends sent.

Date: 21/12/15
Total BTC Sent: 0.00152607
Total per token: 0.00001526
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/bfbc17bb4ee7b6c7147b8c5f0ca1a4cad6ffecb9a4c93c7a2a413f917fa721f5


Last dividends for 2015!

Date: 28/12/15
Total BTC Sent: 0.00154025
Total per token: 0.0000154
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/5ce75b618d08584bdc4a598f8aa54079408e07082d6bcfc52de962532353cb9c

Hope everyone had a great Xmas. Bring on 2016! :slight_smile:


Hi all, I have come across an excellent faucet to add to your list, this one pays upto 5000 Satoshi every 15 min, I just clicked and received 4550 Satoshi so they do pay out, I’d be greatful if you would use my link but if not feel free to go to the direct site at Bonus Bitcoin http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=EA4913993FE8 …enjoy


Hi all, due to the Christmas/New Year holiday period and reduced times available for hitting the faucets, our balance is quite low. Payouts will be delayed until Monday 11/1/16.


I’ve just sent the first dividends for 2016!

Date: 11/01/2015
Total BTC Sent: 0.00164748
Total per token: 0.00001647
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/895060836e970476062903ec46fde015d1df5315327d3f34fedc1a4088310b4e


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 18/01/2016
Total BTC Sent: 0.00164326
Total per token: 0.00001643
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/af772cf0c547be8573fe19259158761a76e15406578cc77d101fee8718aef167


Dividends have been sent. A bit less this week due to a few faucets having their Google Adsense accounts removed and payouts dropping :frowning:

Date: 25/01/2016
Total BTC Sent: 0.00110525
Total per token:: 0.00001105
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/f8e2e5436d44f3501a7f40304ff6a4eeda61c6a94fff6705038ad9164968e869


Dividends have been sent. Not much in the kitty this week…

Date: 01/02/2016
Total BTC Sent: 0.001016
Total per token: 0.00001016
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/454db367f109f8376f06bf7df5cbe15bf79deea82a803a7b83b912616bd7fe55


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 08/02/2016
Total BTC Sent: 0.00163483
Total per token: 0.00001634
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/5b63ff9433e52d593525f5b8e17ae4b3a50a074b347490a1231612bb67fea446


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 15/02/2016
Total BTC Sent: 0.00126801
Total per token: 0.00001268
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/d414bd7fe52ce6cf1f07b97c9397961e6ca2844ef1ec82167a8731aed0195bcf


Dividends have been sent. Not much to pay out this week unfortunately :frowning:

Date: 22/02/2016
Total BTC Sent: 0.00101366
Total per token: 0.00001013
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/359ea8c58a870e5c52e04a88de86e23d5ee2c1af8bfab99385cf129e0fd17c65


Due to the large number of unconfirmed TX’s on the network at the moment, the subsequent fees required to get a TX in a block increasing and our low balance, I will be postponing payouts until next week.