Faucet Reaper Token


I was thinking, last week in fact, I’ve not been able to dedicate enough time to doing faucets to justify me having the tokens, so although it’s only a couple, I’d like to find them a new home.

Not sure how to decide who to give them to atm though


No problems @BoB, you are welcome to keep them if you wish though. I think I’m pretty much the only one hitting faucets at the moment and even that is limited to 15-20mins a day. :slightly_smiling:


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 07/03/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00185377
Total per token: 0.00001853
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/7ff1fb864d77f616ba22f465c5ffccda32ac7c71dd5ac4378fe494aec9ecb918


Dividends sent.

Date: 14/03/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00087667
Total per token: 0.00000876
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/6a8dd7169cbff85ecf2821f9d087da283a728da7022dd65f436215a2f581b824


Dividends sent.

Date: 21/03/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00075124
Total per token: 0.00000751
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/f20fe04c9ead939ec4e28b02ef0205205b60b05a622a30cfee22aa21abfe4f7a


We don’t have much in the kitty this week and I’m awaiting a payment from faucetbox, so if that payment arrives tomorrow I will send dividends then otherwise I’ll hold over until next week.


Dividends have been sent. Still waiting on the payment from faucetbox but a couple of other payments came in to bump us up a little.

Date: 29/03/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00089519
Total per token: 0.00000895
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/aaf6e66aaa35d4ee6ae2f803035117e54c15b6654ac8383d1c4c4b24711bf238


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 04/04/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00151982
Total per token: 0.00001519
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/7ed71bb8899ea3f3f9ad880c218ce2ea1e8b5f9e9abc57fa647be220186555b9


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 11/04/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00116306
Total per token: 0.00001163
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/201bf53890acbcaed802bf52a6a03338d3fb3e14a78a37fad443acec59e9f3b4


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 18/04/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00097726
Total per token: 0.00000977
TX ID: http://ledger.gethashing.com/?search=fb071398478644ecd6d4638f52cab9cf9967cea4869028c2d5dd598f4fc2e729


Due to a low balance, payments will be deferred to next week.


2 week dividends have been sent.

Date: 02/05/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00241546
Total per token: 0.00002415
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/98a6c05bfd3b0aa1836c7cc4c4c77965f0bdc8f8dd11fa3445c53962140d7f45


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 09/05/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00120617
Total per token: 0.00001206
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/a597cd9208d9e27d2859d6969cff69fc080124e0e9457aa6919130a068c3d293


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 16/05/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00091601
Total per token: 0.00000916
TXID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/805c2fb4270a6b559f1251c193182e964a3387ea51182cb1dced0c568d57157f


Payouts will be postponed until next week due to a low balance.


2 week dividends have been sent.

Date: 30/05/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00181182
Total per token: 0.00001811
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/79c4feb936d642ae46414e217d817057be603d9b33e157afcea9b34fb5a20825


No payout this week due to low balance again.

I’m going to start fortnightly payouts from now on to hopefully have enough BTC worth sending.

I’m also on the lookout for new high paying faucets as a few have gone belly up of late.


Dividends have been sent.

Date: 13/06/16
Total BTC Sent: 0.00091582
Total per token: 0.00000915
TX ID: https://www.coinprism.info/tx/91fbdfdf04ff3a51066cc8f7b7c27b17ec08df639e5aa3d0ed760fd3ba8d3481


I have refreshed the OP with updated faucets.

In addition I’ve added some altcoin faucets - DOGE and LTC at this stage.

I will convert altcoin balances to BTC and send to the payout address when we have a reasonable amount which may not be every fortnight.


Question, maybe for others more than myself, these faucets when I click on them; I see no referral tag on them. Do they mask the ref link when we click?