Feds steal from Silk Road?


Can’t say that I am not surprised if this is true. Even the undercover agents wanted a taste of what DPR had…


The Government… biggest crooks of them all lol


Truth. I find it funny how they secretly wanted to be who they were being in secret.


@mharter @lothendriel
Have you guys read the complaint yet?

In it it accuses the two federal agents of setting up dummy-shell companies, forging federal letters, and starting offshore bitcoin start ups. The complaint also outlines how they transferred millions from Mt Gox and then signed warrants themselves seizing MT Gox’s assets.


Yeah… hence my statement. LOL. Dirty rotten rat ■■■■■■■■ (b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s)


LOL that’s funny. Tbh, can’t blame them. Everybody wants the magic internet moneyz.

Gotta love that name too. Mark FORCE IV


Sounds like it should be a Charles Bronson movie


Very close, very close…



One has to imagine that it’s difficult to spend days undercover as a criminal mastermind, surrounded by (and possibly benefiting from) vast wealth, and enjoying immense power, and then “go home” to a civil servant’s salary and bureaucracy.


You know what the difference is between the Government and the Mob…the Mob turns a profit!


Didn’t read that, but got that impression from the article.

Could this explain the fall of LTCgear? Are they cris? LOL


Everyone wants the magic internet money, even the Feds. But the don’t want to admit it is money…hmmmmm


Yeah, they went beyond stealing and straight into organized criminal enterprise.
Maybe they met Chris or JG along the way… :wink:


I’m honestly surprised that Ross Ulbricht didn’t walk free because of this. In any legal system worth its salt this kind of corruption within an investigation would render any evidence it produced inadmissible…


The retrial should be interesting. It is sad though cause the US government is looking to make an example of him. I think we all know a person they could make a better example out of.


He just may walk free on it, or so the article seems to indicate. You know he was sitting there reading the charges against him waiting for a miracle, and it may have just happened.


I know what he did was illegal, but I kind of support it. (Not the killing and extortion, but the movement that he started) What he created was way ahead of its time. I am sure many of his methods will be used in the future and are probably being used right now. He took the decentralization of Bitcoin and applied it to a retail like environment. And was highly successful at that.

I know the discovery of his server is marred with controversy. If they could it illegally, would they have found it otherwise?


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was going to post a dirty copper joke image but then i ran across this gem and went off topic lol


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Zinc, actually. A metal so filthy that it’s primary use is as a “sacrificial lamb” for corrosion, so other more worthy metals don’t get tarnished.

We wrap them in copper so they don’t fall apart in our pockets. :smile: