Fifth fundamental force found by the LHC at Cern


Though four fundamental forces – the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force and gravity – have been well documented and confirmed in experiments over the years, CERN announced today the first unequivocal evidence for the Force. “Very impressive, this result is,” said a diminutive green spokesperson for the laboratory.

Kenobi’s seminal paper “May the Force be with EU” – a strong argument that his experiment should be built in Europe…

CERN physicist Valerio Rossetti harnesses the Force for more mundane tasks, such as reheating coffee. Credit: Max Brice and Daniel Dominguez/CERN

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They got LHC up and running again!


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installation of dozens of new R2 units

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said data analyst Luke Daniels of human-cyborg relations

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Dark-matter researcher Dave Vader

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Practical applications so far include long-distance communication, influencing minds, and lifting heavy things out of swamps.

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