Financing Movies


“If you have offices in Beverly Hills, Jerusalem, and Zurich, you can shoot and release a low-budget motion picture before the checks clear.”

‘Holly Woody’ - an accounting supervisor for a well known film distributor in the 1970’s.


Ever heard of a movie called “Seven Days in Utopia”?

That was my first and last effort at movie financing…Even though it had Robert Duvall it basically sucked.


Missed that one :wink:


Hey, I´m movie fanatic :smile: and I always wanted to be involved in production, but somehow i still do everything else, but the movies …

Sorry, I did n not see this one, but does not look so bad, rating is above average and i like rober D… so I will give it a shot someday.

I see, it had about 4,373 mil USD grosses

Did you profit or loose on this one?


Seeing as that was a bit over half of what it cost to make, it was a bust :smile:

I’ve got a few too many stories like that one, but thankfully a handful of winners that help keep things afloat :+1:


Always win is tempting, but boring :smile:
You don’t appreciate successes without losses…but you already know that.


I’m happy if 1 in 8 hits.
You can’t get anywhere in life without taking a few risks :smile:

It’s just making sure the rewards are adequate for the amount of risk one is taking!


This is something i like :smile:

Can i ask you where are you from?


I’m from Pittsburgh, PA.
We have the most bridges of any city in the world and have to buy liquor from state run stores, but overall it’s a nice place :smile:


Pittsburg, nice :smile:
I´m from Czech Republic, EU

We had a Czech hockey player Jaromir Jagr in your Penguins for some time…if you watch sports
I usually don´t :smile:


I don’t care much for sport, but you can’t live in this town without being a sports fan.

Folks are fanatical about Football and Hockey…