[FINISHED] GHcoins in small batches $5.50 each


I have more than enough GHcoins and I’d like to give other people the opportunity to own some - people that maybe didn’t have a chance to buy into round-1, or that own under 200 coins (the vast majority of owners.).

I’m willing to sell up to 300 GHcoins in groups of 10 to 20 coins at a time. Can’t sell them right now because I just started my work day - but I’ll be available to do so in 8 hours or so - some time after 4:00 PM CST.


I’d like to purchase 15, that will even out my account to 2 full S5’s. If there are other folks that want them to get in on the action, by all means sell them to a new user first. If you have any left, I would like to complete my 2 S5’s.


I would like some too, Minimum 20 if possible. I only have 53 at the moment. Let me know when you’re ready to do business.


I’m here, and logging into coinprism as I type this. I guess the first question is, what BTC price do I use to figure things? Cryptsy shows $238, Btc-e shows $230.74, and coinbase shows $237.83. What’s a good standard to use that everyone can agree on? Is there an average across all exchanges that anyone uses?


I personally prefer Coinbase. I believe that’s what @cyberdexter uses as well.


yahoo shows 237 too as does bitcoinaverage (actually 238.02 now)


I guess the average, right this minute, would be $237.82 which my calculator shows as being 0.02312673450508788159111933395005 per share (rounded to 0.02312670)

If you’re good with not using escrow, then PM me an asset ID and I’ll reply with a BTC address for payment. I’ll send on one confirmation.

if you want escrow, we’ll have to get cyberdexter or someone involved.


So if I send you 0.462534 for 20 coins ?

Will send PM now


BTC received (0 confirms but I see the TXid) GHX sent. I’m not sure how long that transaction will take, did they arrive?


I think we’re done - twice. You just have to love crypto transactions… :slight_smile: So quick, so easy…


Excellent business, pleasure to trade with you. Nearly doubled my investments :slight_smile:


You are welcome! And thank you.


The confirmations take the time, that was the only thing with the coin that shall not be spoken here. Hyper seems quite quick too.


I’d be glad to buy 30!

Are 0.693801 BTC Ok for you?


Yes - I sent you a payment address in PM, give me your asset address…

Done - should be showing up in your wallet shortly.


Pausing to allow some other sales to take place without mine being in the way.


all good, smooth transaction, thank you!


Unsure if you’re still offering these, but I just got a hot .15 BTC from a poker tournament :slight_smile:
Would love to invest it in your coin if you are willing!


I think I’m going to hang on, especially with the price of BTC headed up slightly…


Just saw this. I don’t use Coinbase. I don’t use any online wallet to store my precious BTC, all local. I have some change on GHcloud now cause it’s basically local but no, I don’t trust others with my money.

LOL my bad, you meant to get the exchange rate. Yeah I use the current BTC sell rate from Coinbase. Got a script in my google sheets that pulls the current rate.