For Hire Market Open


New section “For Hire.” Now people can connect here to see who has which skills for hire. Members, working on their own projects, can come here to pick up qualified help, already available in the community. Happy hunting! :smiley:


@Allen1980s I wish I could hire someone like you, but your pay grade is likely a budget buster :wink:


LOL Probably not really. :smiley:


Hmmm I have 3 projects in mind, one that I do solo and will implement it soon enough and then the community will help build it further ( youll know it soon enough, I’m just doing it slowly…very slowly lol )

My second project is that I’m building a little something that I’m written everything on paper and make the calc but I would need someone to hire that know how the Bitcoin APIs worked, I’ll give the details in private. I would need a 2D graphic artist too.

My third project is a Bitcoin Tower Defense game, main goal would be to protect your bitcoins against the trolls, scammers etc and you would have to build SHA-256, Scrypt, X11 Towers and send some DDoS attack. More details to be shared later when I’ll build most of the stuff out it. I would need someone that know the BTC APIs, but I will be ok for the rest.

Project 1 would help people into crypto in general, second one I won’t say anything further, third one would be a game that you would have to pay let’s say 0.001 / game.

Depending of the job to do, I’ll pay in BTC, not much at first but I’ll do my best to help people that help me, but mostly the guy that want to help me for project 2 I’ll be able to offer him a % of the gain for a X limited time.