Forum Emails



An issue was identified overnight whereby emails were not sending, this has now been resolved and we should be back to normal now.




I dont need emails


Was the issue we hit the 12,000 per day wall?
@keymaster needs to change his email settings so he doesn’t get one every time someone likes his posts :smile:


No the issue was on the outgoing SMTP Relay, there was a slight misconfiguration on it - took about 10 minutes to fixor, but since these guys dont have access to those servers (or in fact they dont have access to the vast majority of the subsystems) they had to wait on me :smiley:


Pfff and I spend half the night sending love letters to our female members and you’re telling me they never got the email notifications?


You should be careful about that…
More times than not they actually turn out to be men :smile:


They will have now - I ran the mail queue manually :stuck_out_tongue:


but but my inbox is empty…


Smart Women…