Forum Tipping App and IRC Bot


yeah @cyberdexter where is the tip bot?

How does merge mining work?

Well we can tip XPY if it continues like this it would have at least some use. Ask Bill48105 on IRC if he is willing to put the XPYTips bot in the channel.


I think we should have a vote on that. :slight_smile:

I also might be able to get us a blackcoin, neos, dodge or btc bot. Let’s fork this…


You mean for IRC or the forum?


A forum tipbot would be very fun. :slight_smile:


I think @Toddimus meant for the forum and I might have an idea / solution for that. I meant IRC :slight_smile:


For IRC, it’s hard to wish for a better bot than Bill48105 and t0tal1ty’s DogeBot/XPYTip.


Hmmm, gimme a day to look around. Bit late (or early) here and need a nap. I’ll check it out in the afternoon. :zzz:


I thought the post on merged mining was just so helpful. Clicking a heart/like button didn’t seem like enough. It really doesn’t matter if its in IRC or the forum, but a forum tipping solution would be ideal IMO.


I’ve been searching for that tip bot but could not really find any addons for Discourse.


I’m also still looking,. I thought had released a website / forum multicoin tipping app similar to their facebook app but turns out it’s to “support the site”.


I would think that we should tip a coin worth something… like TittieCoin

: )


BTC is worth something and you could top in “bits” :slight_smile:


Was trying to be an ass… you’re supposed to agree with me : P


Well I agree with you why not XPY it is still worth something.


Sorry for the thread necromancy :smile:
I’ve been thinking about tipping on the forum, or in general.

Perhaps we could create a coloured coin specifically for tips. Would help to grow colour awareness and could be used on any site. It wouldn’t be automatic, so people would need to make an asset address public either in their profile or as a sig.

I was thinking along the lines of $0.02 per coin (0.0001 BTC). Have to set up auto-purchasing / issuing etc, but what do you think ?

Any showstoppers ?

I haven’t considered tx fees of course …


Nice idea but it will cost a lot on tx fees. Most tipping bots work by not using the blockchain and doing internal accounting and only when you deposit withdraw is there a tx fee.


Hmmm, I goes back to work …