Found a new Filter in Photoshop


I was messing around in photoshop and found this new Blur. It was called [size=10pt]GAWssian Blur[/size]. So I tried it out:

REALITY at Hashtalk and Paycoin

Here it is after the[size=10pt] GAWssian[/size] blur is applied. I guess its a cousin of rose colored glasses.

XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY

This is hilarious! I was super excited and was reading intently…the possibility of a new Photoshop filter is pretty exciting to us designers…then I saw the spelling of the filter and started laughing big time!


Double Kudos for posting it over there where the sun don’t shine


You posted it on HashTalk?!?!? Kudos to you my friend. Is it still up?


thank you. Yes it is. Its in the lounge under “new photoshop filter”.


As a designer I am always looking for new filters, brushes, etc. You totally had me on the hook with this one. Hilarious! :slight_smile: XD

You got me