FPV Drone Racing


Anyone here into this?

I’m currently weighing up which one to buy in to.


Awesome. Something I WANT to get into, but never seems to make it to the top of the purchase list.


going to have a look at these in a bit, I got interested but never brought any because I watched one mate destroy two little ones and another almost lose one worth £1000 because he pushed it too far…made me a bit nervous about investing in one.

I did like the look of the Parrot one though, with tablet controls, live action camera & “apps” which were different games you could play with them, like dogfights, time trials etc :slight_smile:


I really like the idea of Star Wars Pod Racing style circuit racing. The videos in the forests are very cool but high risk I’d say.

Looks like its around 600-1000 to get a setup together with Goggles and drone and RC units


New Invention - Hoverbike (2014): https://youtu.be/bpko3CPHonQ Or you could hold out a little longer then do it for real… :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw this last year, great toy and definitely another way forward!


Just had a look at a few of those sites, some of the videos are great, and I see what you mean about them goggles, they’d be fantastic fun to use :slight_smile: