Free Trades on Paybase


Tweet from Josh Just announced that trading on Paybase between XPY and BTC is free. I had a look at PB and there is a trading platform now!


This is good news, I believe. :slight_smile:


The Paybase interface looks pretty decent and the free trades is nice. Still need features to give the price a reason to climb.


better than a kick in the head thats for sure


Its great news.

I know many are sour on XPY right now and I have my issues as well. There is a fact that I hold a bunch of XPY and I have a bunch staked. So I am rooting for success.


I’ve also got a fair amount. The coin itself, as outlined in the white paper, has some serious legs. All that remains is to see how much of the white paper gets implemented. I remain patiently hopeful. :slight_smile:


Free trades is awesome…I seen in a post from Josh that they will be adding more coins. So if there is a multiple coin exchange that is free to use why would you not use it?

Personally I do not trade but I do want to learn. if I can do it for free that is a great incentive for me to get started learning the ins and outs of trading. Getting my feet wet for free (or just what I lose …LOL) will be nice. I can build confidence and skill in trading.

PS if anyone want to give me a lesson and show me the ropes I would be very grateful :smile:


Is it free trades for the entire existence of paybase or is the free trades a promotional offer for an undisclosed amount of time?

I would love this as well. Maybe an educational thread perhaps? I wouldn’t be able to contribute to it, but I will soak in all the information for sure!


The way I am understanding it…Free all the time. I saw nothing pertaining to a certain amount of time


Too bad nobody is buying my XPY there. :frowning:


eventually i think there are supposed to be some sort of fee for paybasse that the premier accounts are exempt from. so while i expect the exchange will remain free at some point there will be a sort of usage fee tacked on. but even then free trades is a good thing


I wonder if the plan is to eventually request that other exchanges de-list XPY? It would make sense, if the intent is to exercise greater control over the ecosystem.


Whaaattt? Planning ahead? Nonsense.



Holding and staking a goodly number of coins and honestly hope they can pull off the features as advertised in the white paper. An appearance in the Crypto Rant thread may be incoming… :japanese_goblin:


you mean nuts


you would know better than i since your the one playing with sheep :smile:


I have been watching the paybase market, there is one large order just below the latest order, I think GAW may be trying to bring the market up, and in fact it seems to be working.


The new UI sure looks decent, like it better than the former. Trying not to do double flips just yet, but this is steps in the right direction for sure.

No fees are pretty sweet. Wonder if there is some kind of withdraw limit? Wasn’t that set to 700$ a week?


The withdrawal was about the old XPY to BTC, however Pay Base now holds BTC, and yes you can transfer it. I think they are pushing the market.