Friday is... (solved)


Friday is… Day!

First one to fill the blank with the correct word wins 0.1 GHX. Please add your GHX asset address to your reply.

Happy Friday!

Edit: ToS…
Staff, their family, spouse and lovers and everyone else who doesn’t get paid for their work are excluded from this promotion.


Friday is Friday. You cannot deny.


Friday is LTCGear Pay Day (akHY8jsqhj4ekf4KZcw7vVx2VsWp9GduPPn)

Correction : need to change IS to WAS


Rebecca Black Day?


Burger day. No asset address, so I donate it to a new question.


Friday is “the day CyberLizard turns runner and steals all the GHX” Day

(Can we enter more than once) :slight_smile:


Friday is fun day … Friday is funds day



Friday is High day? Haha worth a shot :slight_smile:



of is that pre-announcement… or pre-pre-announcement


now pay me at - akML8hku1sUQrdo5tdHYdkZJ9orLDWDaHsj


Friday is “the day we have to bug people to pay our mod pay because they forgot again!”


That was quick!

Please provide an address or pick one below.


I know why nobody is responding to me… Today is “You’ve been shadowbanned… AGAIN!” Day


Dang it, I broke cover >_>


LOL! Um, I don’t like picking favourites, so I’ll just give you this newly-created address: akGDjJV5RaKKkQgUNLFQKQjB9D4p5x6tJnA



Friday, 21:06 local time, proof-of-burger


tankjnr approved?


I need to move to wherever chicken nuggets are considered an acceptable side dish for burgers. :smile:


I know that feeling.

I mean, even the burger patties actually look like meat. The Burger thread itself is just a droolfest… (this is what made me think Burgers, tbh, it’s kinda a central theme. Plus, keymaster used a burger emoji when the profit was up on Thursday.)

I’ve now used the word burgers so much in the above sentence that it doesn’t look or sound right. But I know it is, for there’s nothing wrong with burgers.

Still annoying though.

…What was I talking about? Oh yeah… chicken nuggets as a side. Yes. Please. That is all.


He didn’t show up for dinner… :frowning:

That’s the beauty about cooking your own food. You add whatever you like (or whatever is left in the fridge or freezer) and you’ve got a meal. Btw, those nuggets were great!

OMG, you’re actually reading and you pay attention. Very rare these days :stuck_out_tongue:

The Burger Movement started last year on HT on a Friday night and a missing JG hype announcement. What started as a joke went a bit crazy, Burgerlet never arrived and The19 took the BurgerTM with them to GH.

:hamburger: for life!