Friday Night GHcloud v0.8 ANN!


…has been postponed until tomorrow, get some sleep guys and gals.




But last at everything else… - BOOM MOD ABUSE


Pre Ann… is hawt. I love those just as much as I like dressing up as a girl.

(you tell me about Mod abuse… I give you mod abuse) ~Cyber


and second third*… and… oh wait different forum.

Arghh @nemesio… YOU’RE SO FINE, YOU’RE SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND, GO NEM… GO NEM…i want you ~ get on my level

@nemesio stop editing my posts or fix your caps key


@ALL, see what I have to put up with every day all day? kids…


You should know by now that Friday night announcements can’t be made before 3:00 AM Saturday morning Eastern Time earliest. And, they’re only for major software releases that will be broken when released, just to keep the devs busy all weekend trying to fix it.

Do you suppose we could we switch announcements to being on Mondays? That way I can stay up all through Monday night and on into the wee hours of Tuesday waiting. Gives me a reason to call in sick on Tuesdays again.


I ain’t getting roped into that 5hit again!!! :expressionless:


HaHa the F5 brigades on HT were funny, same here.

One doesn’t press F5 on a site that dynamically loads new content :stuck_out_tongue:


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