FrozenCPU Kaputt


For those of you with DIY skills, FrozenCPU apparently is closed permanently. If I am to take the posted rumours of past employees seriously, the owner had a very strong addiction problem, flipped out, fired everyone, and then trashed his business. Of course, there was a tiny little blurb on the bottom of the landing page about closing for at least 30 days (which is now almost 45).

I wish I had known this before sending endless emails to the company notifying them that their “checkout” button was gone (the website remains fully functional at the moment, with this exception).

So, if you are a person like me, constantly building and or repairing your electronics, another replacement for FrozenCPU is They have much of the same components (and more) and the prices are exactly the same.



Frozencpu, is that one of those cartoon disney movies?


I think your link is wrong. I get a holding page?


Sorry, I forgot the hyphen. Try it now. :slight_smile:


Well I hate to see Frozen go, its getting harder and harder to get parts w/o NewEgg/TigerDirect/Amazon in a timely fashion. I had to resort to Amazon last time when 6 of 9 fans blew in my BONIC/gaming rig just to get proper fans.


Yea, radio shack is now not what it once was, so can’t just ‘run down the street’


Best Buy, Circuit Shitty, even the local computer shops, nothing as basic as a 120mm high CFM fan, Odin weep if you need a tube of thermal paste or a HDD.


Ya- I really liked using FrozenCPU for certain items I couldn’t get here at local supplier. I did buy similar products from modDYI ( ) as I did at FrozenCPU.


Performance PC is the second provider I have always used for performance parts for my PC. I am pretty sure they got the stuff together at this point being the only game in town.