Fun With Honey


I was thinking we were going to meet a stripper named Honey in this thread

well i suppose the sticky edible kind is a good consolation prize



I know right?


This is great! I started brewing beer in September last year. I brew all grain beers and its going well :slight_smile: WIll probably chat to you soon @quigley about your interesting recipes


Awesome! I use extracts for beer to cut down the time and space requirements of the brewing process, but I plan to try out all-grain once the kiddo is a bit older. :smile:

These are a couple of my favorite recipes.


For your Honey Mead, I have never used nitrument or boosters. Are they wildly available?
This is a list of yeasts I can get

Would any of them work? like the champagne yeast?


They are, thankfully. There’s one on the page you linked, actually, called “Servomyces Yeast Nutrient”. My recipe would require 3 packets. Price per gram, this seems like a better deal for you, though.

I only use yeast nutriment for meads, never for beer. Yeast evolve to their environment once they hit the wort/must. For beers, there are plenty of simple sugars to power them along until they adapt to the more complex sugars. Honey, however, doesn’t have many of the simple sugars, so I find that a boost is in order to get the little beasts started. :smile:

The champagne yeast is probably your best best for a mead from that website. One of the responses I got to this topic on Hashtalk suggested that I try Lalvin EC-1118 for mead. I’ve not tried it yet, but I plan to on my next batch. It’s available to you here (and at a great price). Keep the extra in the refrigerator, and it should last a good long time.

Side note: The Windsor Ale Yeast on the site you linked is the exact one I use for the White House Honey Ale. :smile:


What are these puny flavouring hops in that recipe. Target or you’re a sissy :smiley:

EDIT: I used to aim more for London pride and for an American twist I did a mean Sierra Nevada pale ale concoction that was great but nothing like the original :smiley: Never could get my ProMash recipes to end up as “designed”…


Kent Golding and Fuggle are both UK hops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Target is a good hop, and there’s nothing wrong with an IPA, but for now I’m exploring the mid-range, shooting for a good bitter and aroma, while still letting the grains through. :smile:

Dry Dock does a double IPA that might be well suited for the British palette though, with your super bitter beers. Tastes exactly like diesel fuel. :laughing:


I had fun with honey once…a little messy but definitely fun :wink:


Personally I prefer Nutella


I bet you do,


Who doesn’t? :slight_smile:



Nutella isn’t bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to honey. :smile:


They both go well with bananas :banana: