Gauging interest for an idea


The Experiment

Creating a crypto cooperative and embarking on a journey into crypto price discovery.

The funds raised here will immediately purchasing cloud mining at hashnest.
50% of the mining proceeds will be paid out weekly to coin holder.

Funding on hold

The other 50% will pool until it is large enough to launch a new crypto coin. This new ■■■■ coin won’t have any features. No POW,

There might be a very small POS interest rate.
20% of the new coin will be issued as a dividend to people that buy color coins now. The coin issue will be small 100,000 to 1,000,000 The coin will be 90- 100% premine, and i will try to list it immediately on an exchange.

As the alt coin will be premined, i will sell off small batches in order to purchase or create other crypto assets to generate revenue. Those crypto assets will back the coin. If book value is significantly higher than exchange price, the assets would buy coins back.

Two phases
First is raising funds here to cloud mine
Second is to take half the cloud mining proceeds to launch an alt coin

Once the alt coined is launched 20% will be distributed to EPU coin holders.


There is a very high chance that the new alt coin will fail in many ways.
If BTC collapses in price this will be a total failure.

If we don’t raise enough funds we may not be able to launch a coin, or get it listed.

If BTC price does not collapse, the 50% payouts on the cloud mining proceeds could eventually
ROI to funders.


I’m confused, is this sarcasm? I feel like there should be a whoosh noise above my head right now.


How much mining speed does my .025 BTC equate to? So one CPDC is worth x amount GHS?


So, if said coin is completely pre-mined - no mining - how do transactions get processed? A “very small” PoS rate doesn’t make it sound like it would be worth keeping a wallet running. Who or what operates / secures the network?


WTF did I just read?


The problem isn’t your mining plan, the problem is your coin plan. You’re basically putting an unknown amount of money into launching a coin, and you don’t have any sort of solid plan for said coin. So really you’re sinking 50% of the proceeds into nothing. Not to mention some things you’ve said seem to indicate you don’t really know how crypto-currencies work (or at least haven’t given much technical thought to the shitcoin).

It’s easy to create a coin, but you’re talking about putting 50% of the sales into this coin. You need way more details if it’s 50% of the business model.


@zenfur, not only do I find your comment derogatory (have I ever seen an ICO before?) I find your demeanour and stance - not to mention money grabbing antics an abhorrent slight on the landscape that is crypto, and I fear I am not alone in this thinking.

Does crypto really need ANOTHER coin? - I dont think so, theres plenty of altcoins out there that do the job of their niche market - what does your idea for a coin have that makes it special? A $20 floor? A revolving hyper-flux rabbit? To launch a coin you HAVE to be different, stand out from the crowd, and possibly fill a gap thats currently unfilled

Does what your doing constitute trading on others behalf? - Quite possibly so, and if you dont tread very carefully you might find yourself pretty much the center of some pretty heavy investigating from others (not me - I have better things to do).


This was specifically stated as market manipulation and able to be have action pursued by the SEC.

Normally an honest or at the very least, an intended, White Paper will do this.

Along with that, Communication skills are a high value. With out them, how do you convey your intentions, and inform your ‘investors/partners’


It’s not a discussion you have to have with me. It’s a statement that has been released previously. It’s reality.

Provide sources, and/or previous projects to help bolster your credibility, this will help your endeavor.



My biggest problem is that I can’t really tell where you’re going. Aside from a generic “make a coin” there doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought put into the plan.

I’m all about trying new things, but putting money into something is quite different from trying something out for fun. I would prefer things I put money into have a chance at making money back, and in order to gauge that, more details are needed on the plan.



i want to apologize if i insulted you. that was not my intention.


Here’s a question… If you are already saying you are selling 80% of the coin… meaning the “dev” of the coin is liquidating his entire holding… Why would ANYONE buy the coin?


Where is this “book value” coming from.


You do realize that “book value” of every coin that has no purpose is ZERO.


i will purchase hard assets that back the coin.
if the coins falls below asset value, i will buyback coins and hold them until exchange price rises.

that is why this will be a very small issue. and no POW dumping.


Hmmm… I seem to remember someone else who “promised” to buy a coin at a certain value… I can’t seem to remember how that turned out.


If you enter into a concept and expect to fail… NOBODY will choose to fail along side you. So… if you really want to work hard and try… Try building your own coin… on your own dime… in your own time. And if you can produce something workable… then that might be enough to bring people to support your next endeavor.


I think the best thing to do @zenfur is get details together of how it will work. More concrete details so that people will feel comfortable with your concept. There’s a lot of unknowns here reading this. Put together a well read detailed outlook of what you’re going to do and post it in the OP. Your original message is too vague. Expound on your thoughts a little more.

And the ‘almost certainly will fail’ is not comforting. But, hey, you’re trying to be somewhat realistic since there is always a chance of failure.

Full transparency with a detailed roadmap

^^^^ This


Actually the difference in those ICOs… is there is proven devs or concepts or code ALREADY built. Nobody should be throwing money into simple IDEAS. Ideas are like a**holes. Everyone has one and they all think their own doesn’t stink.

Build something first and people will come.


why is this any different than people sending you 20k yesterday before you purchase mining contracts to pay them back tomorrow?

people seem to have no problem doing that and you had no problem raising 20k on a promise for the future.