Gauging Interest in Trusted Colocation for your Rigs


Hey guys -

Many of you know me (and those who don’t, can ask around here for references for my abilities and trustworthyness) - I’ve been an upstanding member of this, and other communities for quite some time now - and I am investigating the possibility of providing managed, secure co-location of your mining rigs here in Florida.

Most of us here have done far more than dabble in ‘cloud-mining’ companies - throwing good money at these scams only to be burnt time and again. True miners know the value in doing this ourselves, but find the home resources to mine profitably tight if not unattainable - meaning if you’re gonna be a part of the crypto movement you’ve needed to try to rely on non-existent rigs mining non-existent coins with payouts coming from the next sucker in line. Well, I’m here to tell you that coin mining can be profitable given the right costs and controls, and I have been doing this since the destruction of my cloud mining investments to more than satisfying results.

Right now, this project is just in the pre-planning stages - I have been in touch with some hosting resources that I have built relationships with over my career and want to get a read on the level of interest before I go putting my resources to work.

My business will focus on far more than just providing hosting space, power and cooling - I will be offering value added services (expert systems engineering, mining and profitability consulting are a part of the cost of the services I will offer as well as remote hands and troubleshooting) - essentially a one-stop-shop for mining needs and desires.

If you are interested in the possibility of locating your equipment in a safe, secure place with a respected, expert miner who is dedicated to your rigs and profitability, drop me a PM and I’ll include you in information as I ramp up this business. Once I determine the level of interest, I will be sourcing the colo space and moving forward with incorporating the company, getting licenses and insurance and moving forward as soon as possible.

This will be my full-time job - making sure that your rigs are properly cared for and that they are mining as efficiently as possible - not some side-gig that will not get my full attention.

Thanks for listening folks, and I hope to count some of you into my first customers helping me build a real, profitable, secure mining environment.


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It excites me to read this, because you having this plan looks like the is the combination of a good concept, an actual demand, and the ability to execute: very nice!

Now, coming from the datacenter industry, I am curious to learn what you are referring to with colocation: do you mean an actual, full-fledged secure datacenter operated by a dc colo provider, or do you mean a hall with power? Can the first be done cost effectively? Is the second reliable enough?


Depending on the power/hosting fees I am interested.


For mining - why not. I have some miners scattered around various providers of varying levels of dysfunction not to mention my own setups and even the most basic places work just fine.

Except ASICSPACE who decided to just disappear and had to be charged back, that was nasty. That’s where the “trusted” part becomes important.

Think about it this way: if you get 0.08 USD per kWh instead of 0.10 you can afford 10% extra downtime and still come out ahead. As long as you’re not skimping on essentials like cooling and smoke alarms :smile:


Definitely interested


Interesting…very interesting :slight_smile:


I vouch for the trustworthiness of @rootdude if some people have any doubts about it.


I realize it is in the preliminary stages, but what are the power rates in the area in Florida that you are considering??


@rootdude just a question is this for user rigs that you want to host or are you going to sell rigs too?


I need a trusted colocation for my rigs.
My home just can’t take more miners

I’m doing maths for some times

We got very cheap industrial electricity rate here.
To get business / industrial rate in Qc/Canada you must use at least 210 000KW/h per months.

First 210,000 kWh 4.87¢/kWh CND
Remaining consumption 3.63¢/kWh CND

Rate in CND dollars, now very low compare to US dollars.

I need 425x S5 units running 24/7 to achieve 210 000KW/h per months.

Just by reselling electricity at 0.095$/US per KW/h for the whole farm is like 10K$/months in revenue, not counting the BTC mined.

At that electricity fee, Antminer S3 become profitable like an S5 and S5 is just doing great.

Another stream of revenue is to recycle all the energy wasted ( heat ).
Resell it to greenhouse or industrial needs.

Wish I was rich :satisfied:
Got no resource ( money ) to move forward :frowning:


You would only need 60 Mythical LTC Gear rigs to accomplish what takes 425 S5s!


I nearly hosted some S5s with ASICSPACE - what happened there?


Not quite sure, miners started underperforming, remote access stopped working, then miners just went offline and support stopped responding to tickets. There was a weird e-mail from one of their former employees accusing management of some kind of mistreatment. There were some reports from users who managed to get their hardware out that it had been severely overheated. Perhaps there was more than one issue.

There is more here:


Thanks and the link was especially enlightening!


Looking to buy some miners, need to know how much the maint. rates are…


“Depending on the power/hosting fees I am interested.”



A very interesting prospect! I’d definitely like to stay informed. :smile:

I’ll join @daffy in vouching. I’ll even drive down and spray paint something silly on the floor.


@rootdude let us know some preliminary numbers, but I might be interested too


I know you and you know me so we are good there. However, I would suggest you formulate a distributable business plan with forecasted operating financials (the first year is good for a start) to address the various aspects of the project since this is going to be your fulltime endeavor. Unfortunately, too many ventures in this industry tend to put the cart ahead of the horse with no real documented roadmap or defined milestones and at some point someone will need to “do it right” to regain the trust of the masses. You could be that someone.

With that said, isn’t FL expensive logistically?



I would be interested.