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So I figure I’ll do something new, might even keep my active around here since I get too lazy to open new tabs sometimes, it’ll be my pointless posts! I’ll post a new one daily (maybe) so here we go!

Did you know the Cheetah can run up to 75 mph? No I’m not converting for everyone on the metric system, but hey that’s impressive!

Pay attention to this instead because you already read this:


Metric system conversion= 120.7 kph. Still impressive! Thank you for the pointless opportunity to contribute to your pointless post!


Are you going to get to the point any time soon™


Probably not, it really won’t have a point. Kinda pointless if you ask me


/me pulls out the laser pointer. BOOM POINT FOUND


Gave you know there is ice cream in milkshakes?


Oh yeah? I might have to throw that on the list of pointless things


Not in mine!

Just Banana, Milk, some ice and (if you have) a splash of Monin’s passion fruit syrup and you’ve got the Queen of Milkshakes!

Ice cream… such cheap…


its fake


Oh mate, Monin stuff is the best! Their purees are so nice as well. If you see a Cocktail place that uses Monin you know you’re at the right place :slight_smile:


Monin, is this like an brit thing? :stuck_out_tongue: The only Monin I know is in the bedroom Yaaaaooooooooo!


thats not monin thats your “guests” screaming for help.


Hey I can run a Texas Hostel… not even sure if we have any

EDIT: Adds it to the list of things with less points…


Didn’t they already have one of those Texas Hostel’s that featured it’s own special butcher room and guy running around with a chainsaw?


Floors don’t mop themselves


That’s the only job that BB is cut out for…


Pointless Post 2:

No one can truly understand the greatness of this pic.

Patronus Gavaus


Im yet to find a tart in a chocolate tart


You might wanna check the local brothel


We won’t see him again for a month