I’m starting this thread for discussion of SideHack and Kilo’s
GekkoScience Compac BM1384 Stickminer
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I picked up 3 of these badboys recently , they have each 1 BM1384 chip in them (the S7 chip)
they run at low end 10.5gh/s and as high as 23.5gh/s (maybe more?)
i wanted to do some adventuring with them and this thread will also chronicle that ;D

I just got them home, received a “Superbpag 7 port USB 3.0 & 5V,2A Charger” to run them (it fits 4 with space to breathe, i of course only have the 3 so it’s looking good)
taking some pics tonight to upload, playing with them now :wink:


UPDATE! i have hit one Tekcoin block solo at dif of 32k ;p worth one coin for 200 shatoshi lmao


USB rigs are fun to play with. I believe @rootdude has a 32 port USB rig going at his place. At least, I think it was him…


I have two USB rigs - one with Gekkos and one with MoonLanders… and, yes, they are fun and efficient. The fun is seeing what you can do with the clocking and voltages to get the best results. They are a challenge to get running, but once you have 'em going, they usually are stable and you don’t much notice the bump in the electric bill.

BTW it’s a 49 port hub, but there are only about 22 USB sticks currently running in it - I sold a few off so I could clock the remaining ones a bit higher. I have to reboot the USB rigs about once a week as opposed to the bigger rigs I have which require more intimate care and handling.


wow 22 sticks jesus :wink:

hey if there anyway to control them seperatly? like can i just run a seperate instance of bfgminer?
or can i add the other pools there and use the “management strategy”?
i am currently hubbed on a superbpag to windows os until i can get this rasbperry running (gonna try minera looks awesome)


24 hours into owning these bad boys i have made about 40k shatoshi’s, but the fun has been worth way more :wink:
hashed at ghpool’s Neoscoin pool (if a block is found eventually will i get paid for shares submitted or nothing unless i find a block during my mining session?)
i am solo mining some coins at kinda fun
multipools for sha seem thin, is there one like prohashing but for sha? the choice they have there is uncomparable to anything i have found
Best share so far has been ---- 681k


The support thread can help you with this. All you need to do is point each cgminer instance to specific COM ports or /dev/ on linux and you can push 'em all different ways.


ahhh ok i get that :wink: i understand how the coms are used with these so i think i can do that, cool thx! :wink: