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Totally agree, spiked drinks come to mind. Ganja should never be abused in such manner but smoked / consumed for medical or recreational purposes only. :wink:

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Interesting, I’ve never seen that done before. Don’t you run into seeding problems growing outdoors? Most growers in the US operate indoors, even in places where it’s legal to grow outside, simply to avoid seeds.[/quote]

Nope. No problems. Obviously you want feminized seeds and have a bit of knowledge in what you’re doing (like with everything else). However, seeds are the smallest of issues. You have to be more worried about the wildlife animals consuming your plants than anything else.

Also “sensimilla” (zero seeds) is overrated imho. A “few” seeds don’t hurt because some people grow the next gen of the plant from those. The plant degenerates a little by growing from seeds of seeds from seeds but they still do the trick. I have some mother plants though from which I make cuts to grow new plants to ensure they are as potent as their mothers are :slight_smile:

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Have you or your group tried eating raw cannabis?[/quote]

If you eat pure cannabis then it should be from a pure strain not a cross-breed or fermented weed.


I’ve heard of this movement, though I don’t know many who have tried it. It is much easier to control dosage in consumables using raw plant material, particularly with baked goods, as the heat of baking also negatively affects the medicine. We did a couple of simple test runs with cookies and brownies using raw plant material added after baking, but as you might imagine, the flavor was off-putting.

Personally, I’ve never tried consuming the plant raw. I’m one of those few people that enjoys all aspects of marijuana except consumption. I find the growing process, production, and economics fascinating, but regardless of strain or delivery method, I’ve yet to find a high that I enjoy very much.

I agree. The world does not need another GHB.

Ah, that explains it. Most of the growers that I know are working with their own strains, and so don’t have access to feminized seeds. Hence the extra measures against seeding. :smile:


When I first started eating it raw. Yeah, that pine-needle taste was harsh. I would just drink it down with water or juice :smile:
Now I chew or stick buds in the corner of my mouth. Sometimes I can even taste the implied strains name. Example: blueberry or somethingberry would have an interesting hint of said flavor to it.


Northern Lights

Tough to come across straight Blueberry, usually a cross with another strain, but when I do it is the most beautiful smell and sight ever!


As an epileptic (in remission, hopefully for good) me and this wonderful green plant have become very good friends. It is a natural anti-epileptic and is a shame that it has the schedule 1 classification here in the US. This REALLY is effective at stopping seizures, among MANY other ailments. I have to go around the law just because some rich, upperclass snobby politician is getting kick backs from some organization to keep it illegal. In my mind and that mantra I live by is…It grows naturally on this Earth and doesn’t need processed to consume. The pills we take from the pharmacy is synthetic chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. I choose to take the natural road and my body feels much better for doing so.

I recently received some friendly advice from a member to help me reduce my stress level, and boy what a difference it has made. It makes dealing with the crypto world a breeze!


I recently received some friendly advice from a member to help me reduce my stress level, and boy what a difference it has made. It makes dealing with the crypto world a breeze!

You already sound a lot more relaxed. Glad to hear that you’re doing well :wink:


how did I just now find this topic? Lol.

Jack Herrera
Blue Dream

I really just like weed period


Doing well. This little bit of “bakin” helps to keep me from “shakin”. LOL. Yep, that is original…made it up myself…ha!


Right? I always just keep quite about the subject. You never know who is cool with it and who gets offended. Glad it was started though!


Breathing the green…
ah yes, once upon a lifetime…

then it would have been

Northern Lights
White Widow
Malawi Cob

That last one being responsible for me whiting out for 2 hours in a bathroom (I was 16). I wasn;t the most popular person in the house that night LOL

When I was a working artist in the Club scene I always preferred the mentally stimulating highs rather than the heavy "squash type hits some strains had, this had a fundamental effect on the designs I made as once I was in the rabbit hole I’d draw and design for hours …
happy days :wink:


I kinda had a hunch you would be a fan…graphic designer and all. Us designers can spot our types from a mile away…LOL! I got a BS in Industrial Design and a PhD in weed from art school!


yeah I’ve been a big fan for a long time. of course I’ve slowed down in my old age but I still enjoy it every once in awhile. I just wish they’d legalize it so I can have a couple of plants of my own. I’d have to say it’s safer to use than any man made drug out there. I would go to a bar and sit and drink tea all night if I could smoke a joint


I’m the same way…love me my loose leaf tea as well. Tea is actually my main vice. If I had to give up everything, tea would be the last to go. I have about 15 different varieties and the water heater to get it to the perfect temperature. Fantastic stuff. A little off topic, but throw some of those varieties in a zip lock Baggie and you could get 50 in a dark alley for it. Ha!


nawty bwoi!


Make sure you properly decarboxylate your weed before you start cooking :wink:

I can see however how consumption of canna products / food works against your migraine. Weed is probably one of the best products to consume for anyone who is affected by migraine.


I definitely do. Usually make a couple pounds of butter in the slow cooker every few months and use that to cook with. Low and slow! Also works great with ribs and pulled pork. (The low and slow part, not sure how cannabutter would taste with ribs…maybe the base of a bbq sauce? Hmmm…sounds interesting) Cooking is a whole new canvas in which to get creative.


We love greenbutter here. We also love wax. Some good hash wax in an electric pen make for a great Saturday night out on the town lol


THIS sounds interesting! I assume by electric pen you mean a sort of vaporizer? Any more info on that?


Yes…these are fantastic. My personal favorite is the Atmos brand. This model hands down:, and if you have some money to spend, this one:

Never had a problem with the first one. Second one is on the wish list!


The wax is basically weed that’s had butane forced through it to extract the THC crystals and then the butane is allowed to evaporate. The wax is basically 100% pure THC crystals. You break off a piece and drop it on the elements of an electric vape pen and smoke up. Mix the wax with a little flavored vape juice and you’ll be virtually undetectable in public