General Ganja Discussion (forked)


Did not know this…very nice piece of information!


Mixing is kind of a pain sometimes. In the pain in the ass moments I just take a second vape pen with flavored juice. Take a hit with green pen then follow up with a toke off of the flavored one


How to make this wax effectively?
EDIT: I googled it :wink:


Metal cigar tube with screw top lid
Ice pick
Butane - Nozzle canister
Cold resistant glove or clamp
Glass dish
Hot plate

Take ice pick and make one hole in metal lid for butane nozzle to snuggly fit
Take ice pick again and make several tiny holes on bottom of tube
Pack weed in tube
Screw lid on tight
Hold tube in gloved hand or place in clamp
Stick nozzle of butane into hole on lid
Hold over glass dish
Force down on butane canister until empty
Watch ooze drip from wholes at bottom
Take ooze in glass dish and place on hot plate at very low temp
Evaporate butane
Scrape and smoke :slight_smile:


what about the rest that is left in the tube, can you still use it for anything?


Not for much really and I would probably force 2-3 butane canisters through it to get all the crystals


hmmm, there must be a cheaper way. one cigar tube holds a bit of weed, but if 2-3 canisters of butane are needed to harvest the THC, I guess it’s gonna be expensive. not sure about the chemistry of the reaction, but is butane required or is that just used to convey cold to the raw material? In other words, would liquid air or nitrous oxide do the trick too (less expensive)?


Not really. There are two ways I know of doing it. a butane extraction and a CO2 extraction. I believe the CO2 rig is rather expensive to set up, but by far produces the best wax, in my opinion. With butane, you can do it a couple of ways. The first being @lothendriel’s way, which I never new of until today but I really like the simplicity of it. The second is this, and much, much more dangerous, but maybe cheaper on the butane. Pour liquid butane in a double boiler pot (like you use to melt chocolate), butane up top, water down below. Put your “product” in the liquid butane and “boil”. The butane extracts the “good stuff” and the “boiling” process helps to remove the butane at a quicker rate.


butane being quite flammable and all, this method sounds like a recipe for disaster if I had to do this… I might give Lothendriel’s method a try these days and see what it produces. Any idea of the yield to expect, say from an ounce of the green goodness?


I think maybe a gram. I could be wrong. It’s happened before lol


Ya, I was happy to see @lothendrials. My personal opinion is that you get more bang for you buck converting the greens to the wax, but that is just my opinion.

And the cool thing about extraction is that you can do it with ditch weed as well. Since it extracts the THC, cheeper greens will work as well, just won’t yield as much.

I would say you would get much more than a gram…I would say you would probably get 3 gms per oz. But that 3 grams goes a hell of a long way. In other words, when I extract, it lasts me longer than if I used it straight.


It does go a loooonnnnggg way for sure


Well, today has been an education for sure. I never knew you could “wash” your weed in a similar way to the nasty craic stuff.

Naturally, when looking at the processes above, it’s in essence, a distillation of the active ingredients.

I would imagine that if using the stronger skunks and fiercer hybrids that the 3 grams of wax would be quite an epic time. The mind boggles…


Awesome! Canna butter is great for cooking. I also have a bottle of canna oil with spices which goes great with meat and pasta :wink:


Damn that would be gewd!!! :slight_smile:


This just turned into my favorite thread!! Canna oil sounds fantastic!


I prefer using vegetable oil over olive oil though since the oils taste in itself is neutral. Olive oil has a rather strong taste to it which doesn’t go well with some dishes.


Here is a concept that I have always wondered about and what better topic to get it started in that this one, mind altering drugs and all. But here it is:

Is anyone familiar with brain wave entrainment or neurolinguistic programming? Basically it says that you can manipulate your brain by manipulating it’s brainwaves, using alpha, beta, delta and theta wave frequencies. So, anything you experience has a corresponding brain wave that communicated throughout the brain. With this theory, couldn’t you find the brainwave that you have while your are “stoned” or “high”? I have read into it, and the logic is there, but it does not seem to be the case.

It seems as if some chemical reactions are required to trip off certain brain wave frequencies or occurrences. This topic really fascinates me. Would like to see what other people think about it.

If it turns into a discussion, maybe we can make a topic of it. If not, just let it slow down in this thread.


Yes NLP and using brainwave machines can and in some cases does allow for the return to a previous state of mind.

My rave days were great for learning this. All sorts of Psychoactives and pretty lights!!


I’m not gonna let anyone screw with my two brain waves… the dopamine has the waves very much under control… sometimes… :wink: