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Best sticking to the 5-HTP and Tyrosine then :slight_smile:

We used to have a little post and preload routine before a weekend out. Natural remedies for replenishing your brain chemicals.

Dopamine and Serotonin boosters :slight_smile:

Ha , just dug out the mail from 13 years ago! LOL

PRELOAD - taking before the mdma

Take all these supplements about 1 hour before

  1. 200-500mg 5-hydrotyrptotophan (5-htp)
  2. 500-1000mg tyrosine
  3. 500-1500mg DLPA
  4. 2 grams of glutamine
  5. 1 gram Vitamin C

All should be available from a health food shop, the most important are Vitamin C and 5-HTP (numbers 1 and 5), 5-HTP is the most important one. The others (2,3,4) are not essential but with them the effects are better.

Take the preload supplements with fruit juice (Grapefruit is best) about 1 hour before the MDMA

"You can use 400mg of 5-htp, but start at 200mg as some people cant stomach it too well, then build on that. "

Do not eat foods high in Protein before you do this, as the amino acids in the protein will compete with the 5HTP (to cross the brain/blood barrier) and 5HTP will lose out and only a little bit will get into the brain, Carbohydrate food (pasta) is best.


POSTLOADING - taking after the mdma

Im not so sure now about prozac after MDMA, some Doctors are advising against it. “Some people take SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) several hours after taking MDMA. Thus is not to prolong or potentiate the MDMA trip but to prevent the possibility of a neurotoxin entering the 5-HT cell and damaging the cell’s axons. This has been shown to happen in animals after relatively high or repeated

However if you take E everyday, you dont wanna take prozac everyday as this will affect the quality of the MDMA high (half life of prozac is 30hours, ie the time taken to reduce to half its strength inside the body), so I wouldnt bother with prozac. Best to take some more 5-HTP, but if you do E every day, then you should probably take 5-HTP everyday, up to the maximum dose (400mg), and all the other stuff in 1-5 above.



The purpose of the above is not to advocate the use of MDMA btw, but to illustrate how natural remedies and plant extracts can and do work as effective medicines AND as aids to achieving a better ‘high’.

If you have and or never plan to take any MDMA, the above extracts will give you the euphoric sensation many people claim to have experienced on ecstasy, meaning of contentment, happiness and well being.


I didn’t know that you could still get MDMA. The last time I came across "E"is many many years ago and to my best knowledge the pills going around these days in the clubs are far from being anything close to MDMA.

The advice given in the email quote is very good though. It’s also good to have some milk and more juices handy (rich in Vitamin C) in case someone gets to much of an MDMA rush. The fat in the milk binds the acids in the stomach which “can” lower the rush a good bit. Chocolate bars shouldn’t be missing in the first aid kit either :slight_smile:


Once upon a lifetime I was very “into” what I was putting into my body. I even considered becoming a pharmacologist but 6 years training was too much, especially as I was having so much fun doing the live experimentation work… LOL

And if pressed, then MDMA was always my drug of choice. But not for dancing mentally all night but for mellowing out on a nice summers eve by the sea… ahhh bliss

I’ve always been a believer in the addage that you “get out what you take in”. Now clearly this makes enormous sense with the heavier psychoactives, but I also believe that many underestimate ganjas ability to send them elsewhere.

A once long time recreational user that now doesn’t have time or the inclination, especially as I travel abroad a lot more nowadays.


I agree. Back in the days you could still get the real thing. Doesn’t matter if that was real MDMA, LSD, Shrooms or even just Kawa-kawa. It was pure and thus provided the desired effect. A golden rule was always “at the right time with the right folks at the right place” which our little clique of friends stuck to, always.

Today I see kids chewing of their yellow/blue coloured faces after taking pills which are nothing else than a mixture of coffeine, heroin, amphetamine, ketamine and other nasty stuff and (if they get lucky) some traces of MDMA. Surprisingly the kids today know where little about the drugs they are taking or believe to be taking.

Anyway, at the end of the day Maria still rules them all. :herb: :slight_smile:


Amen to that !





Learning everyday. Nice thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you elaborate on this more? Is this Kava Kava? If so, I have read some good things about it and it’s anti anxiety / relaxation properties. If this is in fact what you are talking about…I’ll have a few more questions for you. If not, I will have learned something new. A positive either way.


Yes, it’s Kava not Kawa, my bad.

Many many years ago we tried a few natural roots and plants. We had a big book about those, their effects and side-effects, preparation and co. It was a rather straight and strict approach towards experimenting with those plants and roots. Kava is interesting, the preparation (at least the one we used) is disgusting…


PIHKAL and TIHKAL are your friends



A nice little post for my fellow heads that like to travel around: (Gizmodo link)


Truly great advice for the extremely stoned:


Well, you’re in luck, because these literally look like mushrooms."

:sparkles: :mushroom: :mushroom: :mushroom::mushroom: :sparkles:

@mharter :laughing:


Sucks for me. I absolutely can’t stand anything even close to resembling a mushroom. The taste, texture, smell and fact they grow on manure is absolutely disgusting to me. And I don’t think that will change anytime soon.


Then definitely stay away from Peyote Buttons!!!

They are like a cross between mushrooms and fungus!!!

I have been told. :grimacing:



Sounds fantastic! I’ll be sure to stear clear. Besides, I’m comfortable with my reality, don’t need to visit another reality. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


Has anyone made/tried Rick Simpson Oil?


I haven’t. But I have eaten raw cannabis to help alleviate my asthma and chest tightness.
I first saw it being used by Dr. William Courtney. Another doctor that used 'Rick Simpson oil’* at the same time Rock was making it. If you look up Courtney, he’s the doc who used the RS oil to work and eliminate a infants brain tumor. :smiley:


I toke CBD heavy extract for epilepsy for seizure suppression. Works better than my meds without the HORENDOUS side effects. It angers me that politicians make it illegal and they don’t understand just how much I and many other epileptics would benefit from weed “therapy”. Really ANGERS me​:rage::rage::rage:.

Charolette’s Web. This poor little girl was having 300 grand mal (yep, the big daddy of them all) per week. Add in cannabis oil…2-3 per month! Now tell me, why is this illegal again? The pharmaceuticals she was prescribed did nothing, but weed did.

On that note, smoke em if you got em!!