General Ganja Discussion (forked)


I remember looking after a guy who was going through that, was horrible to see. Amazing how something like weed can help.

Obviously we all know that it’s too useful and would hurt the bottom lines of oo many companies for it to be decriminalized widely without a fight, but it’s a fight that’ll be won in the end.

Haha. Oh yes. I ate about 6 slices of toast made with special bread once. Two hours later my mate offered me a lift home (he could see I wasn’t going to get there under my own steam)…less than a mile down the road I had him stop, opened the door, lent out and threw up. That happened 14 times on a 3 mile trip…then I threw up some more once I got home.

Went to work the next day and was more hammered than I’ve ever been pretty much all day. Nine that evening (24 hours after the toast) I was finally returning to a more normal state. Apparently that was a £40 loaf of bread.

All that said, I’ve seen the negative effects it can have on people predisposed to MH problems, but even when that’s brought up as an argument against legalisation it doesn’t hold water - people prone to MH problems can and do still get it any way, regardless of its legal status.

Never tried it for that though it’d probably be better than codiene. I suppose, being here in the UK it’s still not legal I should be careful what I say…erm…yeah, ignore everything I wrote above. It never happened. I’m a ■■■■■■■ choir boy, honest guv’.


I am fortunate enough to live in Oregon where as you know it is legal. I have for the first time grown outside legally and I have made RSO. I feed it to my dog who suffers from advance cancer and after 2 months ( 3 grain of rice size daily) I can feel the growth has shrunk and my dog seems to be lots more perky and acticve. I also supply ( for free) two friends that are cancer patients. I am sold. I recommend Rick Simpson book ( Rick Simpson Story – Phoenix Tears ) to everyone.


I no longer eat it whole. I’m vaping now so I don’t absorb plant fibers into my lungs.
Keep in mind you also don’t need to be able to grow LARGE PLANTS and grind them up like the video shows. I was only eating a couple buds per day.

Found the story with Courtney using RS oil on an infant.


Since I started smoking, I have noticed that reality has become a lot more bearable. Now, if our politicians could FOR ONCE take a sensible deicision and legalize it, I would have a perfect opportunity to give up my day job and get growing…

Fat chance.


Don’t wait for that to happen.
Lookup the original US reasons why cannabis/hemp was banned…
Then un-banned during war…
Then banned again.

Money and influence by lobbyists.
Same as it is now.

Most UN members abide by a certain placement of law restricting cannabis cultivation inside the country.
There are already cannabis coalitions in the US (don’t know how it is for the UK) that are engaging laws and politicians to sway the votes. Possibly getting a reclassification would immediately resolve most of the problems. But as of now, the Federal system is allowing states to make their own laws for it. Thankfully I live in Washington that has decriminalized it.


Funny, we (in Luxembourg) were told we could not smoke the weed anymore in the 20s because USA, and now USA are cited as an example by some local left wing politicians as an argument to legalize or at least decriminalize it again.

Funny old world of ■■■■.


Legalize it.