GetHashing Meetup Orlando - 4.19.2015


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was amazing to meet so many of you in Orlando this weekend! I thought I’d share a couple of pictures:

The venue was fantastic. A little spooky, a little industrial, it’s no wonder you minions enjoy working here.

Group photo! Of course, it’s always difficult getting everyone to smile at the camera at the same time, but we got pretty close. :smile:

Requirements to be allowed to use GHcloud

I was there last November :slight_smile:
timing, timing - always lets me down …


This really is funny.


Family portrait :smile:


I thought this was legit, then I was let down. When are we all getting a private jet and limos and a private photographer to follow all GHCoin owners around?


When the GH crew starts robbing us blind.

So hopefully never. :smile:






That would be an epic picture if you had a set of goggles on! :smile:


sorry to disappoint, but that’s my niece :wink:


Ha ha. I tried to get my daughter to put on her goggles and stand by one of the minions, but she was too scared. Probably a good thing that she didn’t want to run over and hold hands with a stranger in a fuzzy suit. :smile: