GetHashing Multipool (Updates)


Pool is up, we’re still working on it and it will continue to grow and improve!

Get Hashing - Anonymous Server Stats Page

GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)

Above pool is our staging pool while we’re testing our stratum servers.

What to expect

The GetHashing pool will be exclusive to our community members. We’re developing a SHA256 Multipool that will not only auto-switch coins and merge-mine SHA256 coins. There is a lot more to come so stay tuned while we keep bashing away.

Known issue

The pool does currently not display the overall hashrate correctly. All shares and blocks are accounted for correctly and automatically paid out once a block matured. However, we’ll be migrating the entire pool soon and thus wont be fixing the hasrate display issue.


Sounds good!


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is there just a sha256 pool or do you add more algos?


I will be adding more Algo’s - there are actually more Algos on our second testing system at the moment - we intend to support the following

Scrypt - WORKING
X11 - Testing (current results look good)


The pool will be using multiple algorithms but for the time being we’ll be focusing on SHA256 for testing and development purposes. Doing several algos at the same time and having to maintain all the coin daemons isn’t the most productive in the development environment.

Get one part working the way you want it to work and then add the rest :wink:

In addition scrypt is simple not profitable enough at the moment to consider seriously mining it. SHA256 can be mined for a positive return but scrypt is just profitable enough any more to put to much focus on it or to consider renting bulk scrypt power on a mid- / long-term contract.


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As you may already know, the GHpool has been updated.

The previous setup build on Coinium has been migrated to the Nomp framework and a number of SHA256 has been added yesterday. Peercoin has been temporarily taken down again since the daemon was causing some issues. LTC is the only scrypt coin currently setup but we’ll be adding a few more throughout the week.

The latest update completes milestone one our GHpool project matrix.

Over the last couple of weeks we had plenty of time to setup the server cluster, optimized our nonce proxy and we also believe that our daemons are in a secure environment minimizing the risk of the mining addresses to be compromised.

You might also notice that we’ve added Bitcoin to the pool. Now, before you go on solo mining BTC on our pool, don’t! There is no point in mining BTC before the pool reached at lest 1-1.5 PH in hashing power.

Where do we go from here?

Now that we have the infrastructure in place we’ll be moving ahead with the next pool milestone which is the customization of the front-end and down the line wrapping the pool into the GHcloud dashboard. We’ll be also introducing auto-switching at one point but we do currently not plan to auto-exchange the coins on the markets for a number of reasons,one being the effect this can have on a coins value the other is that we would rather entice everyone mining on our pool to exchange their own coins.

Now, why would we want to do that?

Education is one aspect. We believe that everyone should be more engaged in cryptos and exchanging your own mined coins is simply a part of it. You pick the coins you want to mine, you mine them so you should be the one spending, mining or exchanging your coins. This will also (in some cases) reduce the sell pressure created on a mined coin since those coins will flow into the market at a slower pace and who knows, a few of you might even hold their coins.

Another aspect is that auto-exchanging and paying the miners in BTC doesn’t support the economy. All coins need to move and get used in one way or another in order to have at least somewhat of a ecosystem. Mining to dump to exchange to BTC to instantly cash out does not support anyone or anything and therefore we’re aiming at a different approach.

We believe that over the next weeks a lot of our plans will become a lot clearer to many of you. It’s time for a change and we’re working hard to make it happen. Just bear with us :wink:


How does the GH coin and your crowd mining service play with these previously listed ideals? So far, it seems like they go against these ideas, where you’ll be mining coins and trading for btc for payouts.

Excuse me if this seems too critical, I agree with a lot in this thread, but I still want to get paid for my investment. What I mean is, I feel ya. Lol.


We’ll be mining BTC straight with the B1 power as well as renting out some of the power. A very small amount will be mining our pool for alts. Bear in mind that we have additional hardware which is already mining our pool and some alts which is not part of B1. We’ll continue mining those alts to build up our PoS holdings for the staking. We’ll be also adding additional SHA PoS coins in the next days.

SHA256 miner recommendations?

Can you please explain briefly what we need to provide for the SHA256 Coin Switching pool? It says “Username: Your Public Key”.
Is this the public key of a BTC Wallet?
If so, then how does that work with what you said earlier about not auto-exchanging the coins?


This is on the Public Pool - and not on the Private Pool, we havent actually enabled that yet - its a feature that we are testing. Basically you go to a specific site and create an SHA-256 key and then add in appropriate BTC/etc addresses there, you then use that key to mine and the profits go to the BTC addresses tagged to the key (you can import the privatekey so you can get your profits later)

So therefore if you enabled a NEOS and a BTC address in your SHA-Key you would be able to coinswitch between the two of them without issue.


I have been given a list of pools from @cyberdexter and @nemesio - so I will be starting to build them tomorrow for deployment on Tuesday


Is the Litecoin stratum not up right now? I keep getting a connection error when using BFGMiner.


Hi @lothendriel

It is actually up at the moment …

2015-02-24 14:43:22 [Pool] [litecoin] (Thread 1) No new blocks for 55 seconds - updating transactions & rebroadcasting work
2015-02-24 14:43:22 [Pool] [litecoin] (Thread 2) No new blocks for 55 seconds - updating transactions & rebroadcasting work

Can you PM me which IP you are connecting from?



PM sent! Thank you so much for helping :+1:


Wrong thread…


Sounds like you’ll have to dive into scrypt daemons soon lol