GetHashing website updates


In an attempt to keep people informed with what’s happening behind the scenes I thought I would provide a log here of things being done with the forward facing website -

Update: Feb 5th

– Returned the @GHashing twitter feed to the front page.

Which reminds me… you all should follow @GHashing to get news because we’ll be using the account more going forward.

– We now have a functioning blog (If you want to subscribe through RSS you can here - The blog has multiple purposes. 1) To keep people informed about what is going on with GetHashing, what is happening on the forum, and other Bitcoin related news and reviews. 2) And this is a bigger reason. SEO The generated content on the blog will help in the optimization and focus of some of our upcoming SEO strategies.

– It’s now easier to join the Slack channel. I’ve put in some code on the site to use WordPress’s authentication stuff to easily generate an invitation to the slack channel without much fuss. And as long as its not abused, I’ll keep this link available. So if you have a friend you want to join the GetHashing slack channel you can send them to this link.

– On the store front you can now purchase an Antminer S5 directly from GetHashing’s data center for just $289.99 -

– Also a new GHcolocate page is up that has some of the colocation pricing (per kW-month) as well as a form if you have more questions for the team about what it would cost to host your miners.

– The other big project I’m working on is redoing the SEO for the whole site. This will take some time but just wanted people to be aware that when you see something new appear it probably has to do with either wanting to communicate something more clearly or something to do with our optimizing the SEO.

– I’m also working on revamping another section of the website but I’ll leave that to the next update… still got a bit of work to do on it.