Getting more notifications here than ever on HT


HaHa, I’m getting more notifications about replies, likes and @ mentions on here than I ever did on HashTalk, go figure. :slight_smile:


LOL not even close to that level yet. But i guess I’ll get there.


Whatever, you complain about no notifications, you complain about notifications. Where do you think you are? HT?



Wasn’t so much a complaint, more of an observation that amuses me :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Daffy, post:2, topic:248, full:true”]
LOL not even close to that level yet. But i guess I’ll get there.[/quote]

Well, I never “followed” anyone on HT which reduced the notifications a bit plus every time you opened that drop-down they all cleared anyway :slight_smile:


how do you follow people?


When I lost my “demi-mod” abilities at HT I got too many notifications.


haha this community has potential i like it :slight_smile:


Is there a follow option here?


I can’t find the area to see all the users either


We are sarcastic, funny, intelligent, witty, and above all, good looking.

I tell myself that every day.


i will stalk you buddy (ironic) lol


you made my day :smile:


@tankjnr & @Daffy don’t think there is an option to follow someone. I’ve just seen a “members directory”, might dig into that but want to push the profile notes first. :slight_smile:


I don’t need to follow as I like to lead


I need (well i guess I don’t really need them) more heats to give away

I mean they don’t count for anything right? there is no corresponding rep or anything like that and a lot of the time I don’t what to make a post to say i agree or that’s great or anything like that so a simple like and move on works for me

also got to say I went to make a new topic about this and there was a pop up telling me there was already a thread about my topic. that was slick and will hopefully stop a thousand threads being created on the same thing - I would give who ever did that a heart but i ran out of them for the day :smile:


Please don’t give me any heat :stuck_out_tongue:

Your rep is counted lifetime and works on hearts are counted into the 100 day cycle to maintain trust level 3 once a user reached it. The same goes for flags. If you’re TL3 and you receive X flags within 100 days you’ll be demoted again by the system and lose your extended forum permissions.

The Matrix has you…




I knowzzz :stuck_out_tongue:


So is HT gone. I just got back to check in and couldn’t log in. Sounds like I missed another huge storm.

EDIT: Seems like HT is up and active. I just can’t login. I get a huge wall of text error message.
EDIT #2: Ah, I guess this is an independent forum … unrelated to HT login issue.


free tip… read the forum. It has been discussed for like 24 hours now.