Getting some weird links lately


I have the misfortune to be added to some odd mailing lists lately. Not recommending any of these links but wanted to let the group know what is out there:

[link removed] - set up your own cloudmining ponzi with 10K email addresses for 0.65 btc
[link removed] - wallet stealing AutoIT code for 1.5 btc

download at your own risk of course


huh, intresting find that for sure, but ya DL at own risk! haha


I got that first email as well. didn’t click the link though was too scary


GoldCoders sells DIY ponzi software as well. Might be tempted if I wasn’t so scared of going to gaol.


So… people are worried about losing their money by buying a shady offer in the hopes that they get some sort of code that allows them to offer shady deals to other people. I really like the similar threads on BTCtalk that ask for escrow in order to do a ponzi deal. LOL


You mean this?

With one of the first guys to reply being interested in buying a cloud mining ponzi setup to rip off people but then he’s worried about the seller of the script possibly scamming him if he sends the payment? Yes, very interesting breed of people.