GH Mission Statement


#Welcome to GetHashing!

You may be wondering who we are and what our plans are. Well, here is our story.

GetHashing was founded by a group of Crypto enthusiasts with the goal of bringing change to the Crypto-world, mining, and how we (as a community) support the economy and growth of Crypto.

We pledge to maintain transparency of our operations whenever possible. This shall include our mining addresses, development road-map, and our overall hashing power. We will share any information we can without jeopardizing the integrity and profitability of our operation.

#The Things to Come

We’re currently developing a brand new platform that will blow your mind, called GHcloud. Our platform will allow you to mine some of the most profitable coins with our pool. You will also be able to point your own hardware to the GHpool and trade your coins via our very own GHexchange.

#Supporting Crypto

Over the last months we all looked at the crypto-community as a whole. It has become very ROI and profit focused. What happened to “supporting Crypto” and the coins you’re believing in? What happened to not “mining the ■■■■” out of one particular coin for fast profit while destroying a coin with great potential at the same time?

Let’s face it, we’re destroying our own economy and the future of Crypto in the everlasting hunt for the fastest ROI. The fact is, many of us don’t care about the coins, their innovations, or their future any more. We are just looking for a quick buck to be made by mining out the coin and dumping it on the market.

#We’re here to change this

That’s right, we’re here to change how Cryptos are looked upon by the community.

We’re currently in the final stages of developing our own pool. The GHpool will be a little different from other Multipools out there for the reasons stated above. Our goal is not to be the most profitable Multipool ever conceived. Instead, our goal is to be “the most stable” pool in terms of consistent payouts. You may ask how will you do this?

GHpool will be launching as SHA256 pool. Our stratum servers use hyper-threading technology and we’ll be merge-mining a large number of SHA256 coins. Some of those will be publicly displayed, while others won’t. As mentioned above our goal is not to mine any particular coin to death, but instead balance our mining operation across a number of coins. At the same time we will be feeding the mined coins into the market at a controlled pace, as to not affect their exchange rate.

In addition, we’ll be side-mining selected coins with some of our own hash-power which we won’t be exchanging at that time. Instead we will hold the coins to create coin reserves of the coin(s) we aim to support. Again, this will be absolutely transparent and our members are more than welcome to support those coins as well.

#We Love Crypto…

…and if you do too then you’ve just found a new home. Sign up for our forum today and watch our platform evolve.

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That sound great!! Where do I sign up :smile:


You did already by joining the forum. :slight_smile:


Im nowhere near rich in BTC or mining rig, but im in love with crypto and all you said seem to be heading in the same direction of my own thinking! so count me in :sunny:


Glad you “think alike”.

Good things take time but rest assured, we’re working hard to make it all happen :wink:


Love it! Is your pool going to have mining shares for sale or is it only a pool where we can point our home miners to?


Where can I find it on Github?


A bit of both really - we do intend to have a mining pool going with hardware that you can buy shares in, and there will also be a public pool that people can mine and get directly paid with :slight_smile:


Awesome! I can’t wait. If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.


There is a number of pools already on Github than you can look into. Nomp, Coinium and MPOS for example. The complete source of our pool wont be open source.

We’re currently mining neos almost 24/7 on - Feel free to point any “spare” power to stratum+tcp://

The port pipes your power through our statum proxy which is really the core part that’s being currently tested. The proxy is where we’ll be slicing and allocating power from moving forward.


Im looking into maybe buying a miner where would be the best GH per $$$$, im not looking to spend tons… maybe a 100 to 250GH max, As I mention before, I do not have a lot of $$ to invest and crypto is a hobby of mine i do not plan to be rich doing so…


Check out Bitmain’s S5. Good miner to get started :wink:


Myself and a buddy in crypto plan on providing some type of hosting service as well. I don’t want to overstep my bounds by advertising on here, but I’d like someone from GH to contact me about what I can and can’t do.
Also, if there’s a possibility of providing a service that compliments GH I’m all for it!


Please shoot me a private message or feel free to drop us an email.

#16 was an awesome multipool/exchange all wrapped up into one. Anyone remember that one?


Yes my first exchange and pool wrapped into one. A pity they disappeared.


@keymaster And chance of having a Scrypt pool for our lowly gridseeds and Fury’s?


@AnimoEsto is the deamon and stratum master. :wink:

Which scrypt coins would you suggest?


The same coins as used in the XPY pool I get about 0.05XPY/day for about 5MH scrypt. BTC value is very low of course but…


Hi @Daffy

I can do a scrypt pool (we did have LTC on there for a while but nobody used it!), however, we dont really swap coins like the PaycoinMultipool does - if you pick some coins we would be happy to let you mine them on our pool and swap them on an exchange somewhere (or maybe our exchange when it comes along).

That being said, its something we have looked at with regards to multicoin mining but its still in a highly limited test - we want to make sure things go right and work as they should before deploying them.