GHads - Forum Ads, Banner, GHX...What?


What? Banners on our beloved forum?

That’s right. We’ve analyzed the forum traffic over the last two weeks and we’ve come to the conclusion that its time to introduce GHads. We said we would look into all sorts of possibilities to boost GHcoin payouts and the forum adverts will be part of it.

For now the two ad spots have been setup and it will take some time before we’ll see adverts showing up (the top spot doesn’t come cheap). The BTC revenue generated from those adverts will be paid out weekly to all GHcoin owners. The percentage of shared revenue distributed is to be announced once the ads have been up for a good week so that we have a rough number on how much revenue those spots will generate on a weekly basis.

The GHads address is


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How do they generate revenue ?
edit :smile:
NM, I guess they are ads from other sites, not GH itself Doh !



I hope you can control which ads are allowed to appear. I just don’t want to see any Paycoin or GAW ads please.


The ads come from Adbit and from AnonAds. Both sites are BTC only and thus revenue will be in BTC so there is no need to exchange anything, I used both sites in the past for my faucets and the revenue wasn’t bad. Let’s see how it works for GH. :wink:

[quote=“Leo, post:4, topic:1210”]
I hope you can control which ads are allowed to appear. I just don’t want to see any Paycoin or GAW ads please.[/quote]

To some extend, yes. We can reject campaigns on Adbit if we feel those are not appropriate and I have a good line to AnonAds. Howver, we wont get to restrictive about the campaigns. BTC is BTC and unless a specific advert is rejected by the community as a whole we will not limit ourselves from generating revenue.


I have never seen a forum distribute ad revenue before, thanks for out of the box thinking on ways to make GHCoin more valuable.


Will someone be overseeing/inspecting the ads being placed?
I doubt we would allow outright scams to be displayed, but if one of our community members finds that the service or product being advertised is fraudulent. With proof, I would hope we can petition for it to be taken down.


Absolutely. In fact we just banned 2 campaigns from AnonAds before they every showed up.

Edit: Actually one did show up but should vanish shortly


Like with everything else in Crypto, use your common sense please when and if you follow an advert. We don’t endorse those sites by any means.


I like that ad for the bitcoin casino that spells “welcome” with two l’s


Y U NO support SINGLE MOMMIES making MONIES!! :wink:

Reminds me of phonejacker. Cracks me up each time.


well, come! :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be more like…

“Wellcome to the Bitcoin Funtime Casino. Throw your coins in this wallet adres XXXXXXXX and my uncle, a Nigerian Prinse will send you a personal thank you and if you include your address, he will send you the winning ticket from our Nigerian lottory worth $10 milion USD.”

Please note the misspellings are intention as I do have a higher intelligence level than that of BB.


very nice idea to share with community :+1:


I’m disabling AdBlock then :slight_smile:


Disabling your adblockers is a good idea. We won’t be spamming the forum with more adverts and all impressions count towards everyones payouts from the revenue :wink:



If you have Adblocker or Adblocker Plus please disable it on here - that way the Cost Per Impression ads can earn additional revenue for you all.



Hey, I’m down with ads when they make me money, lol.


The bidding war over the bottom spot has begun. :slight_smile:

We’re actively banning inappropriate adverts. Removal of a banned campaign may take up to an hour.


Instead of using (or in addition to) have you considered using a dedicated banner from a well paying affiliate program that only accepts bitcoin like one of the online casinos?


Nope not yet. Do you have a particular one in mind? We can only work with (or use) services that payout in BTC. So that limits our options to some extend.