GHads - Our Own Ad Platform



We are looking at our own Advertising Platform, which will run across this site (and a few others which some of us own), if you are interested in advertising with us, then please contact @keymaster

Our first advertising campaign will be run soon on here :slight_smile:

Remember all profits from the Advertising Platform, go to your own pockets, and if you run a website, and you want to be part of our advertising network, then also, please let us know.



I run my blog site, so I’m up for joining the network. On a related note, have you any banner ads for GetHashing itself ? I can set them going now in my ad rotator.


Paging @cyberdexter @nemesio - wheres the banner ads?



Great :smile:

I’ll link directly to the Shop if that’s ok.


Ill use those banner on my site… I would join the network but my sites are smalls and not a lot of visitors daily. So ill just put the banners on it.


We have our first advertiser… :slight_smile: has just arrived at the GHads account.

We’ll be making an official ANN about the GHads network and how to advertise or participate later today. Payouts first, followed by issuing the Batch2 GHX then GHads.

Woop Woop.


hahah, when I first clicked the link I saw the other txn and went “holy crap!”. Then I realized the other address was for GHAds.

Still, very nice! Do advertisers pay for a subscription or is it per click?


Looks Iam the first. Just testing now.


Impression based ad-packages starting at 25k impressions for $5. More soon™, Batch2 first :slight_smile: