GHcloud Beta v0.5 is Live!


GHcloud Beta 0.5 is Live!

We’re excited to announce the latest update of GHcloud to v0.5.

v0.5 Change log

Wallet Backup

The backup process for salt and wallets has been improved. You may now backup either your raw salt or your entire wallet. We recommend making a fresh backup of your salt and your wallet when accessing v0.5 for the first time.

By default, the information for this wallet is stored in LocalStorage, which resides within this browsers memory. If you copy and paste the information below into a plain text file you can import it again later if information or the device itself is lost. Alternatively, clicking on the save buttons below will try to export the information into a file for you.

Please note that saving your wallet will try to back-up all accounts and contacts and can get fairly large quite quickly, whereas saving your salts will only save your primary account information and would force you to recreate the accounts and contacts again - so only do this if you remember the account details used previously. Future versions will include more practical ways to ensure all accouts can be saved without overloading buffers, but for now, please take care!


  • Added Darkcoin
  • Asset icons on GHwallet page are now clickable to send an asset
  • Buttons to edit individual accounts have been changed

(Please remember to make a fresh backup of your wallet if you add DRK to your account).


  • GHash and Slush added to “power distribution” widget
  • Improved caching of remote data
  • Added paging to GHX transactions

Known issues:

  • Antpool API unresponsive - solved
  • f2pool API may be unresponsive if the site is offline

Misc changes:

  • Improved compact design
  • Added “paging” for GHX owner list
  • The entire pre-caching process has been rewritten for better performance

We’ve noticed that some of our members are still unsure about GHcloud being stable and/or secure and thus we’d like to point out again that all data including your entire wallet strings are stored on YOUR system in LocalData and in your SALT. We don’t operate hot wallets, your coins and assets are stored on the blockchain(s) and only you have the keys to access your coins or assets.


v0.5.1 Bugfix for unknown asset address.
v0.5.2 Make balance color aware even if balance is 0, Added version to footer
v0.5.3 More cosmetic changes. Important fix to send transaction. https changes.

If you have questions, ask. We’re here to answer.

Enjoy the new version, get hashing! :wink:

GHcloud Beta v0.4 is Live!
GHcloud Beta v0.4 is Live!

So basically the wallet backup saves everything including the SALT?


Yes Save salt is just the salt save wallet is everything.


For the mobile… I noticed that the BTC Market conditions show as N/A. Is that just a device problem? I’m on an Android using Chrome


Timeouts on the backend calls to blockstrap API sometimes the servers are slow we don’t have control f the blockstrap api servers.


I’ve just logged out and back in. My assets are shown on every page as Object object, as are the GHcoin owners.
Linux, Firefox 36


Clear cache and use once to refresh everything


Tried that, no change :frowning:


Are you on GH’s slack chat?


can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Sure :


Strange how did you clear the cache? You need to use the preferences and click Clear now on Cached web content. I’m using the same version as you on linux and it works here.


Could it be as simple as making sure the asset address is correct in settings?


Nope not needed even if the asset address is wrong it should not display like that.


Ah, ok.


The problem is pure caching in the web browser. I’m still trying to figure out how to fix that issue. But once the correct files are loaded from the server everything should keep working. It’s only when you upgrade stuff that this happens.


Is your problem solved now?


Yes, sorry, out with the dog :slight_smile: I hadn’t cleared my browser cache. All fine now thanks.


Obscure. I haven’t cleared or deleted the cloud cookies for a while now on the dev and the production cloud and haven’t encountered the same issue. The link @Daffy usually resolves any caching issues. However, I usually get any data display issues sorted by clicking settings and clicking save again on the window that pops up and then clicking the refresh button on cloud.


So how is everybody finding the new version? Any problems remarks?