GHcloud Beta v0.7 is Live!


We’re pleased to announce that GHcloud version 0.7 is now live. The new version brings some major updates and changes to GHcloud.

GHcoin & Assets

One of the largest improvements in v0.7 is detailed asset and transaction information including a ROI calculator for your smart assets. To view the details of a specific asset click on the total dividends received link below the asset name.

On the next page you’re presented with the details of your asset.

Please note, the data available only applies to assets stored in GHcloud addresses or addresses saved in the settings screen. Days to break even and avg payouts received for your assets is summarized from GHcloud data. Thus in order to have accurate data some manual calculations might be required in terms of asset purchase date, received payments vs the time you’ve owned anr asset on GHcloud and so on.


The GHfarm page has been updated. The page now displays the hashrate of all pools we’re mining in the graph. Kudos to @daffy for finding a way to make this possible.

Additional Changes

  • Database implemented to better manage TX data
  • Improved caching of data
  • New approach to pull pool information and graphs
  • A lot of tiny tweaks of fixes and changes to textual content and UI

As always please backup your wallet and private keys when using GHcloud. Remember, GHwallet is a local wallet with GHcloud being your UI and Hub to all GH services. Backup your data and enjoy the new version. :wink:



Just a correction on this one. It applies to any address that has been added with the settings screen.


Please feel free to edit the OP. I did not check all commit messages before posting the update and didn’t have a chance to chat to you before it went live. My bad.


Have we heard any word from the Blockstrap folks about the inability to withdraw DRK/DASH? All the new changes are great too. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Do you get an error message or is it that the destination address is not accepted?


I get no error message. After i type in my password it just goes back to the screen i was on and doesn’t give me a “Transaction successful” message or any kind of message really. Just acts like it’s going to withdraw and then doesn’t and none of my DRK/DASH leaves my account.

At least I don’t have to worry about someone taking it LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you give me your DRK address let me test something.


Sure enough @Daffy. Here ya be - XpBUHvuSXf7ed9sgNvNAxJiyduYN6zYBsH.


Well I just send you 0.01

And it shows up on the blockchain.

it does not display the tx and that is strange but it seems to send just fine. Are you trying to send everything in the wallet?


We still can’t order pizza within the platform? Bah I’m out!


I’ll include the kitchensinck in the next release.


Am I supposed to do the salt generation every time I log/visit the site or is it only need to be done once?


Careful what you wish for, you might up getting what you ask for and then you’re meant to use it. The service would be limited to order burgers anyway. :wink:

[quote=“RU_Kedding_Mea, post:13, topic:2577, full:true”]
Am I supposed to do the salt generation every time I log/visit the site or is it only need to be done once?[/quote]

Once unless you clear the data by clicking “reset device” on the dashboard or if you clear your cache and LocalData. If you clear the data / cache you will be presented with the splash page of GHcloud and asked to import your wallet backup (top right). You can also logout of your current session in the left navbar in case you share your computer with someone. If you logout the wallet data will be kept in your LocalData.

I shall make a tutorial about creating and managing a GHcloud account…


I just hit the little blue refresh next to the DRK address and it refreshed and I have 0 DRK now but it has been doing that periodically. And I just tried to send 1 DRK to each of my exchange addresses for arbitrage purposes. I wasn’t trying to send the whole wallet. I have 4 DRK in there and I tried to send 1 DRK to one exchange and 1 DRK to another. No luck. Let me refresh again and see if I got your DRK


Hit me up on slack I run through it with you.


The blockstrap api returns 2 different sets of data for me. One with 4 transactions and one with 5 transactions. So I think it’s a problem on their end. But the transaction I send to you is on the blockchain. You now have a balance of 4.7043341 on that address.


I see the balance you stated but I can’t send.


Send me 10,000 BTC and I’ll be sure to get you two pizzas.

Keep up the good work guys. It’s nice seeing people active, involved and helpful.


HahHa I actually LOL’ed in RL. :laughing:

@Gava you can order it from me instead. I’ll give you 50% off price!!