GHcloud Beta v0.8 is Live - Major Update!


GHcloud v0.8 is now Live!

With v0.8 we’re rolling out some major updates and changes to GHcloud.

But before we start please remember to make a fresh backup of your wallet the next time you log on. Some additional data will be encrypted to your SALT so please make a new backup.

(If you have already previously created a backup of your GHwallet private keys then you don’t need to back those up again, your keys never change. If you haven’t backed up your private keys in the past, please make sure you copy them. Remeber that your GHcloud accounts only exist on your end just like any local wallet).

New Features & Gadgets


GHminting PoS Coin Staking is live. Checkout the Announcement below for more information.

Detailed Asset Statistics

In v0.8 we’re extending upon statistics and logs not only for GHX but for all smart assets owned by GHcloud users on and off the platform. Members may now view the detailed stats of any of their assets by clicking on “total payments received” link next to their asset on the Assets page.

The detailed stats include a performance graph of your asset indicating the payout history, days to break even and the average payout. Statistics can now be exported in .csv format by clicking on the Export button in the page menu.

Below the graph you’ll find the detailed stats of the selected asset with a summary of your asset, average payment, average per day and other information. By entering the amount of your original investment your ROI will be calculated for each asset.

In case you previously held an asset on a different wallet or website you can now also enter the previously used address and our system will query your old data and include them into your stats.

Note: it can take up to 10 minutes to update your asset statistics and payout history after additional addresses have been added to the tracker.

Asset Transaction History

One of the largest updates in v0.8 is the introduction of detailed transaction history for your smart assets. The new transaction log gives you a detailed overview of all incoming and outgoing transactions from your GHwallet asset account(s) and the system will also tag “known addresses” with their name.

GHpool update

We’ve added a new widget to the GHpool page. You can now rent GHfarm rigs on BetaRigs via the GHpool page. When clicking on the name of one of the rigs a new browser window will open and take you straight to the rig rental page on BetaRigs. GHcloud will also indicate if the rigs are available, rented and how much time is left on each lease before they become available again.

Bear in mind that all lease payments are re-distributed to GHX owners with the daily payouts. Thus by renting one of our rigs to either mine on the GHpool or on any other pool you’re receiving a little cash-back when your fee is re-distributed the next day. If you won 3% of all GHX that’s 3% off :wink:

Additional Changes and Fixes

  • Smoother graphs
  • Db backend complete re-work
  • Fixed potential security hole in sending bitcoin and/or assets
  • Added last backup time in sidebar
  • Added transaction list for all bitcoin addresses in accounts and asset page
  • Added Graph on Selected asset page (Payments, Average, Break even days)
  • Used address names from contacts to display in transaction list and asset list
  • Investment information is save in the backup of the wallet
  • Fix for rounding number in javascript

Enjoy this latest update and get hashing!

Happy Weekend!!

Friday Night GHcloud v0.8 ANN!


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Unless I missed it, you should include a link to GHCloud in the post.


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We’re currently preparing the release of GHcloud 0.9. Ya’ll know what this means right?

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What happened to the Asset Tracking? Looks like the upgrade to 0.9.0 wiped out tracking of coinprism-hosted colored assets.

Disregard. Answered in the bug reports topic.