GHcloud Beta v0.9 is Live


Some of you might have noticed that we’ve quietly rolled out GHCloud v0.9 over the weekend. The latest version includes a large number of changes and fixes. As always, please backup your wallet file an/or private keys.


We’ve removed all java scripts from LocalStorage in v0.9. Please access GHcloud once using the link below to clear those scripts from your existing LocalStorage.

GHcloud v0.9 Changelog


We’re now using our own “color aware” Bitcoin daemon(s) to broadcast BTC and asset transactions across the bitcoin network. It is important to note that a new transaction will NOT instantly be available on the Coinprism block explorer since a transaction requires 1 confirmation in order to get picked up.

The advantage is that we’re now independent from 3 party providers (Coinprism / Blockstrap) and the availability of their service.

  • Use GH bitcoin (color aware) daemons to process and sign transactions
  • When creating a new BCT address the associated asset address is now auto generated.
  • Display asset address below bitcoin address on GHwallet page.
  • Rework GHwallet account layout of accounts.
  • Option to Import private keys
  • Option to Sign/Verify messages.
  • Replaced all address links to view transactions with a link icon

Smart Assets

A number of new features has been introduced to the assets page and we’ll continue to expand on asset capabilities and the available options / tools in the next release.

  • Added asset amount in asset detail graph.
  • Added asset amount in export.
  • Better calculations for graph and average.
  • Hover over asset icon to see larger image of that asset.
  • Added icons to asset address converter to show qr-codes.
  • Added Crowd Sales list. (Asset will change color when balance is non zero)


  • Possibility to add asset address in contacts
  • Use Contact names in transaction list.

Please Note:
Use the contacts page to select which addresses are used in the crowd sales list.

when creating a new contact users may now tag the address with “can issue assets”. The background color of such an address will change if the balance is not zero indicating to the asset owner that he needs to log on to Coinprism to issue new assets from his crowd sale address.


GHminting has received several updated since the initial launch of the program. We have moved all wallets to a new server, some staking addresses have been updated to allow us better management of the staking balances (re-stackng blocks etc) as well as better display of received minting rewards and rewards received “all times”.

  • Blackcoin staking balance increased to 10,000 BLK
  • Peercoin staking balance set 250 PPC
  • PayCon staking balance set to 150,000 CON
  • Added Diamond coin
  • Added BitBay (will be rolled out soon)
  • Shadow daemon still syncing

Additional changes:

  • Fixed: Total payments received
  • Updated: Limit GHfarm graph to 3 days.
  • Added: GHrigs on GHpool page.
  • Added: Status indicator in sidebar if backend daemon is unavailable.
  • Removed: All javascript from localstorage.
  • A lot of small cosmetic changes.

Enjoy the new version and please don’t hesitate to post any questions or feedback you might have in this thread. We’re always happy to receive input from our members.

GHcloud Beta v0.8 is Live - Major Update!

I have noticed that I can no longer see my assets by just entering the asset address in the settings dialog. Is there another step required for read-only access?


The settings page will be removed please use contacts to add read-only addresses and check the check box “Use in Assets” The screenshot is in the OP.


Adding an asset address to the settings is now deprecated as mentioned above. Please add the address to your contacts and tick the option “use in assets”.

Possibility to add asset address in contacts

If you want to track previously received asset dividend payments for a specific address (address changes, asset has been moved or received X payments under a different address) then you may add the “old” BITCOIN address to the stats page of your asset.



All good now. Knew I was missing something :smile:


Wonder what 1.0 is going to be like. Or will it be perfect but still in Beta forever like Gmail was?


v1.0 will be release when…Oh never mind there will be no v1.0 Soon :tm:


GHcloud is beta for as long as we keep adding “new” features. It’s already stable and due to how the cloud has been developed it’s probably one of the most secure online wallets / asset portfolio management platforms on the market.

As long as users do their diligence and backup their wallet file and private keys (which they should do with ALL their wallets) nothing will ever happen to a users account or the balance in those addresses.

…when it’s ready™…


So is PayCon part of GHcloud?

I notice that there is a dropdown menu in the picture with currency support.


Nope BTC LTC DRK DOGE those are the only that are supported by the blockstrap server API.


@Crestington the altcoins available on GHcloud are part of the original framework developed by Blockstrap. due to the way of how those wallet(s) work we can only add native support for new coins added by the Blockstrap team.

You could however reach out to them to enquire about adding CON to their service but I have to tell you that it’s very unlikely at this point since their dev team has their development priorities and roadmap pretty nailed down.


Ok I see, thanks for answering my question.

I think it would be more that they work only using coldwallet support hence why the Coins they use are POW only.


Looking good!

May we pretty please have the BAY donation address?


Of course. Tried to move your post to the GHminting thread but wont let me lol. Below the BAY address tagged as newly mined coins on GHcloud.