GHcloud import/export


I have tried using GHcloud on my phone - android htc one mini.
A couple of issues so far :
Every time I go to the GHcloud page / tab in chrome the whole flux rabbit hole stuff happens. Even if it just happened a few moments before. Is this peculiar to GHcloud or just chrome ?

I wanted to import my salt. The only way I have found that works is to email myself the salt as plain text. Nothing else will let me “select all” in order to paste into the import data form. Obviously this is none too secure, even if I then delete the email (gmail).

Is there a way to import a text file rather than copy and paste ?



It would be nice if there was a file import, but there’s not… at least not yet.

I’ve had good luck with ES File Explorer for opening my encrypted zip on my Nexus 6, then selecting “HTML Viewer” when it asks how I want to open the text file. This allows me to select all, then go back to GHcloud and paste the wallet string or salt in.

Edit: I think the loading each time you visit GHcloud is expected behavior. It loads for me each time as well.


I’m looking into this. Will try a drag drop for desktop first and see what I can do for mobile.

That is one way of doing it.

Yes it really needs to load some stuff from the server before it can start.


Lol put that way my statement sounds pretty ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be looking into the import stuff soon. Still got some other things to work on first. The export should be fairly simple now that we have a save button.


Thanks for the replies. Unfortuantely none of the apps I have at present allow to “select all” which makes it a pain to slowly drag the cursor down piece by piece. Some apps quit after a page of text saying that I scrolled too far !?!

Anyway, it’s in there now, until the next GHcloud update anyway :wink:


A new update should not invalidate the salt and wallet anymore. The ssl update was the only switch that required the reimport of the salt/wallet.


Great thanks :slight_smile:


The reason for this is that we don’t store data on our server. as you know. Thus GHcloud will check yoru LocalData and install the dependencies. Usually the Blockstrap modules and plugins will only load the first time or occasionally. Asset information and the GHfarm data is updated / fetched more often which requires a refresh of the LocalData on your end.

in future versions we’ll be looking at changing the loading processor or not display the loading screen “as is” right now. However since GHcloud is basically just your HUB to connect to the GH services with all data being stored on your end the refreshing of data is necessary. It’s the only way without storing user data on our servers or even operate the hot wallets which we don’t wan to do to maintain the decentralized part of GHcloud as well as security.

[quote=“Daffy, post:7, topic:2303, full:true”]
A new update should not invalidate the salt and wallet anymore. The ssl update was the only switch that required the reimport of the salt/wallet.[/quote]

After doing some testing on GH’s cloud account I’ve come to the conclusion that the wallet backup + backing up the private keys for each GHwallet account is the best approach. Noting down the details used to create the actual account is recommended as well in case you happen to forget a password, security question / answer or one of the other details. However, I found that adding a password and pin as security option to a new address is sufficient enough. Using all available security options including the security question, pin, password etc can make sending an transactions a rather time consuming task.

The actual GHcloud “account” SALT already contains the security options including the security image which makes the SALT impossible to crack. Adding all security options to an address again is a bit of an overkill and depending on the number of accounts a user might have in GHwallet it will also make the SALT massive.


Anyone else noticed that GHcloud is inaccessible presently? @cyberdexter



haha, i answered a question!

Just pinged the guys, they’ll update soon


LOL I am sure there is hidden meaning behind this statement somewhere… ; )


Dev Team 6 under supervision of forman @Daffy blew it a little out of the water yesterday. The cause of the problem was the continued issues with the stability of the hybrid-thermal-rubber-duck-duct-tape… chain. In other words, we did run out of duct tape but only for a very short period of time.


Ah, that explains it. Do they have duct tape in Belgium? Must it be imported from the States? I can send a few extra rolls over to Gibraltar or Belgium to ensure there is a backup or contingency plan :smiley:


Yeah we can always use duct tape and rubber bands. To fix up the servers.


Oh wow! Yeah, I think you have a lot of duct tape in Belgium. :slight_smile:


We’ve implemented measures to prevent this precise issue from happening again. We’ve replaced the duct tape with real screws and bolts…[spoiler]at least where it’s visible…[/spoiler]


I knew there was something wrong in that picture. There is no fishbowl with a goldfish swimming about. :open_mouth: