GHcloud Public Beta Launched!


We’re very excited to announce the launch of the GHcloud public beta. Before we continue with the announcement please read the following information carefully.

GHcloud is fully decentralized which means that we do not store any of your information on our servers!

This includes your entire wallet string and profile information. All personal information including you wallet is stored in your SALT and in LocalData on YOUR system. Once you’ve signed up please backup your SALT and if you plan on using our wallet service backup your private keys!

GetHasing will not take any responsibility or liability if users fail to backup their information neither can we restore your data. It’s your data, you’re responsible to backup your information.

Decentralization begins where storing of data on remote servers ends - GHcloud!

Over the last two months our team has spent tremendous time developing GHcloud. Based on the Blockstrap framework GHcloud allows us to provide our members with a reliable and highly scalable platform without the need of holding user funds in wallets on our servers or storing user data in local databases. This allows us flexible development while providing a secure environment to all members, true decentralization.

Unlike other online platforms GHcloud stores all user information in the users SALT.

The SALT is a string of code which is literally impossible to crack. The string includes the users profile information, avatar, wallet keys, security question, pin and all other info entered during setup. Please note, once you’ve created your SALT the information can’t be changed! However, since accounts are not stored on our servers anyone may setup a new account or additional accounts at any time.

GHcloud Features:


The wallet currently supports accounts for BTC, LTC and Doge. Darkcoin support is planned for March 2015 and from there we’ll be adding support for additional coins. The wallet service is part of the core framework developed by Blockstrap. Since all your wallet information is stored in your SALT the wallets are very secure to use since Blockstraps API only communicates the transactions with the different blockchains. in the event of Blockstrap ever discontinuing their service users can simply impor their private keys to any other wallet to recover their coins. Thus there will be no “our wallets ot hacked”.


The GHX page is where the magic happens. Once you’ve created your GHcloud account simply browse to the GHcoin page, add your GHX asset address via the settings and the page will load all asset information, your GHX and BTC balance, a list of all current GHX owners and most importantly all our coin generation addresses and payout addresses for easy auditing as part of our proof-of-everything concept.


The pool page displays all information of our public pool. Pool workers, current hashrate, the coins being mined, blocks found, pool connection information by pool and so on. The stats for individual (active) workers will be rolled out soon. Unlike other pools GHpool allows miners to mine the coins they want and receive their pay-outs in the same coin. New coins are added by popularity, profitability and via community votes / demand. The pool charges a fee of 2%.


GHfarm contains all information about the GHmining operation. The current overall hashrate of our rigs on NiceHash and Antpool as well as a log of all incoming and outgoing transactions of our coin generation and payment addresses. The transaction log has two display options, summary and full view which can be changed in the settings. The GHfarm page is still “very beta” and will receive further updates in the weeks to come.

GH Addresses Explanation (PoE):

As you may know GetHashing strives to provide full transparency on all operations. Therefore our coin generation, payout and mining addresses are public information which may be reviewed by anyone at any time. As the operation grows our number of addresses will increase as well and we’ll be introducing an “audit” page in one of the next updates. In the meantime all current addresses can be found on the GHcoin page and the transaction log can be found on the GHfarm page. Below you’ll find a screenshot of the current addresses and an explanation of each address. You may view each address on the blockchain by simply clicking on an address.


  • GHrigs (income from rental rigs)

  • GHmining (income from our mining operation)

  • GHads (income from the adverts on the GHforum)

  • GHcoinex (income from mined and exchanged altcoins)

  • GHmined. Income from the above addresses is transferred to this address daily. From there the daily maintenance fee is deduced before GHX dividends are paid out.

  • GHfees. Maintenance fees deducted from the daily income are transferred to this address daily before being moved to cold storage.

A list of all GHpool mining addresses which is maintained by @AnimoEsto can be found here.

Excited yet? Good, head over to, setup your account and tell us what you think. We’re super excited and we hope you’re too. GHcloud v0.3 is only the beginning… :wink:

A special thanks goes to @Daffy, @quigley and @cyberdexter who have spent tremendous time and work on making GHcloud become a reality. Thank you for your hard work Gents!

I'm so confused!
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First! :laughing:


Veryyy nice :wink:


Ok, now that it’s official, I have a question. My browser here at work is all set up and has been for a week now. I backed up the SALT to a plain text file like instructed.

I have another computer I travel with and it’s a Linux. The machine I am on now is a Windows machine. I copied the SALT into a plain text file and transferred it over to the Linux machine and tried to import it and it is saying that what I copied and pasted from the SALT file is not valid JSON info.

Totally lost … lol


Would that be “Doge” rather than “Dodge?”

Nice to see this officially launched. Excellent job.


[quote=“lothendriel, post:7, topic:1594”]
file is not valid JSON info.[/quote]

This means that you have a character some place in your txt file which is not part of the salt. possibly inserted when you copy/pasted the salt? I had this happen once and after looking at my salt I found a lonely V at the beginning of the file which most likely came from me doing ctrl-c / ctrl-v to copy paste and I guess I didn’t do the ctrl-v right and added the V to the txt file. I suggest you backup your SALT again and try again.

Or, simply setup a new account on your home machine if you don’t have any BTC or other coins in your work wallet.

A tip for everyone… pay good attention when setting up your account and make a note of all the info you’re entering during account creation. Also don’t over-due the additional security options, if you forget those later you wont be able to transfer coins. This is all on the user end so ultimately pay attention when setting up your accounts, make sure you can remember the info and don’t over complicate things. Once the SALT is created it’s literally impossible to crack your wallet string specially if you add a randomly taken picture to your SALT.

However, I have a backup of my private keys (GHwallet page, access keys) just in case my SALT goes stupid.


Thanks I will look into that as I have been known to have a bad case of “fat finger” and probably inadvertently added a character. The whole platform is amazing and looks very nice.

I have also backed up my private keys and thank the lord they are printable LOL


Looks very good.
I have to use same login like the forum?


Your salt should start with {“nw_accounts”:[ and end with }}

No spaces at the beginning of the file or at the end.

[quote=“gotram, post:11, topic:1594”]
I have to use same login like the forum?[/quote]

No, it’s decentralized. nothing is stored on our server apart from some cached data for the graphs and some other data. You can use whatever you want as long as YOU can remember it.

Again backup your SALT, backup your private keys. Nothing else matters!


Ok make sure there are no new lines in the SALT. Some editors add new lines when wrapping the long lines.


This is genius. Love the decentralized aspect and applaud you all for doing it that way. Plus the whole POE concept has made this the most attractive alternative that I’ve seen so far


What I am saving it in on the Windows unit is their plain text editor and then I paste it into PCLOS Kate editor. I will make sure of no extra lines. So what you’re saying is that it needs to run all together?


Yeah that is one thing we have not figured out yet how to import private keys in ghcloud. So you will have to import them somewhere else if you really need it. Did you check the SALT for new lines?


Yeah kate is notorious with long lines I use it myself and had some trouble with it. I think midnight commander does not have a problem with long lines.


On the site?


So i am looking at it and I notice that lines start with a ‘+’ and it has a string then it ends and the next line starts with another ‘+’. There’s no spacing between these though


No you have to create everything. There is no connection to any other system for authentication everything stays in the browser.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

See the broader picture as well because technically GHX is decentralized as well. It might be tied to your Coinprism account “right now” but smart assets are stored on the blockchain and thus are freely transferable to any platform or wallet that is “color aware”. Once more providers implement the open assets protocol and once there is a wallet GHX will be the first truly decentralized mining shares out there that can be transferred to anyone on or off the GHcloud platform. :wink:


Look at the sixth or seventh line if you see number instead of + then the string is broken.