GHcoin and cold storage or other wallet addresses


WARNING: If you plan to use this DO NOT transfer the dust (600 satoshis) that is send with the colored coins out of your wallet. USE COIN CONTROL

So you already have an account on coinprism and you already received your GHcoin.
The dividends are payed to the bitcoin address that is linked to your coinprism wallet but what if you wanted to receive the dividends directly in your bitcoin wallet?

Well there is a very simple way of doing that.

  1. Look up an address in your bitcoin wallet and add it to coinprism. Select the Addresses & Colors tab and click on + New Address. As address type you select Cold storage address
  2. Go to the Send Coins tab select the address you just added and fill in the amount you want to transfer.

    and press Send. All done you just transferred GHcoin to a bitcoin core wallet and when dividends are payed they will be send to that address.

Now this is all great but how do you get the coins out of a bitcoin core wallet? That is another matter entirely and it takes a little bit of knowledge of the way transactions are created and send but the good news is all the tools and interfaces are readily available.

  1. Go to the coinprism interface and select the Send coins tab then on the left select Advanced Send and fill in the fields and click Send

  1. The above action will show a new window with a raw transaction.

    Copy that transaction to the clipboard

  2. In the debug window of your Bitcoin wallet enter the following.

    signrawtransaction <raw transaction>

  3. This will give you the signed raw transaction copy that to the clipboard everything between quotes after the “hex”

    sendrawtransaction <signed raw transaction>

  4. All done now just wait for the transaction to be confirmed and your GHcoin will be back at coinprism.

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Well done! I knew this was possible, but it’s really nice to have it laid out step by step.


Well this is one way to get the coins back out of the bitcoin wallet but I just found something in the settings Import private key

With this you could export the private key from your wallet or type in the private key of a paper wallet and import it. After that you should be able to transfer the colored coins to another address.


Ok. I have SparkBit. It says it’s a Bitcoin and colored coins wallet and it says it allows you to add an asset address but the asset address it says you can enter is a number separated by hyphens. My Coinprism Assets are not formatted like this. I wonder what kind of asset they are referring to? I have included a screenshot so you can see what I am talking of:


There are a number of colored coin implementations and they are not compatible. The implementation used for GHX is OpenAssets so you should search for a wallet that supports the OpenAsset protocol.

This wallet only supports CoinSpark assets


This may or may not be the place for this, however…

Now that there are a few different services going on here with GHX, Crypto Share Coins and Crypto Giver Tokens those invested (myself included) have a few different OpenAssets in our CoinPrism accounts.

I’m wondering what people are doing with addresses in CoinPrism - ie. keeping them all under the “Main” address, or creating separate addresses for each asset?

Is it difficult to move coins/assets from the main address into a new address for that asset in CoinPrism?


Yes I’ve been toying with the idea to move different assets to different addresses so that I can track the dividend payments better.

Nope just create a new bitcoin address in coinprism then go to the sen coins and send the asset to the new bitcoin address.


Thanks Daffy, that’s what I was thinking too just wanted to double check.

I agree with wanting to better track dividends.


Another question for the experts… Is there anything “special” one needs to do to withdraw BTC from CoinPrism to an exchange?

I know not to send the 600 satoshi dust, but does anything else need to be done with Cold Storage addresses, etc?


If you withdraw from coinprism nothing special is needed coinprism itself takes into account the 600 satoshis. If you check carefully the displayed balance is 600 satoshis lower than it actually is compared to the blockchain. Cold storage addresses are special but if you create the transaction via coinprism it’s the same the system will take into account the 600 satoshis.


Thanks Daffy. Just didn’t want to destroy my coins/assets. :slight_smile: