GHcoin Mining Operation Shares & Definition (B1 CLOSED!)


GHcoin - Smart Asset Mining Operation Shares (SOLD OUT!)

GHcoin is smart asset stored on the Bitcoin block-chain based on the open assets protocol also known as colored coins. The GHcoin asset is backed by real SHA-256 hash power (proof-of-hashing). Each coin represents 10 shares (10 GH/s) in the GetHashing mining operation with a divisibility of 1 decimal (0.1 GHcoin = 1 GH/s).

Since GHcoins are stored on the block-chain GHcoin owners can freely trade their coins with anyone (on and off the GetHashing platform) with the new owner instantly being eligible to receive dividend payments of the GHmining operation. GHcoins can be stored in any local or online wallet that supports the smart assets protocol / colored coins.

GHcoin owners are also eligible to receive additional dividend payments as outlined below.

Important: Never transfer GHcoins to a wallet which doesn’t support coloring. It would burn the GHcoin / smart asset tag.

GHcoin Specifications

  • Issued Coins: 25,000 coins (250 TH/s)
  • Price per coin: $4.20
  • Maintenance fee: $0.0014 per GH/s per day.



GHcoin owners are eligible to receive dividends from:

  • GHmining (Percentage of the farm payouts)
  • GHminting (X% from coin staking rewards, TBA soon)
  • GHlease
  • …

Dividends for shares in the GHmining operation are paid daily between 16:00-19:00 UTC. Dividends for GHstaking dividends and dividends are paid weekly on Sunday. All transactions are reflected on the balance page of GH platform.

Batch 1 Crowd Sale

Do not send your BTC from a wallet that is not “color aware”!

Batch one will be sold via In order to purchase shares in the GHmining operation please sign-up and fund your account at Once you’ve funded your account with BTC simply send the amount in BTC for the number of coins you would like to buy to the crowd sale address:

Batch one is sold!

The system will automatically issue your GHcoins in batches based on the amount you’ve sent. Once you’ve received your shares you’re ready to reap in the rewards.

Secured against Operator Failure

GHcoins are backed by real hardware and hashing power. In the event of the farm having to suspend the mining operation permanently GHcoin owners may request to have the hardware shipped at their own expense.*

** Power must equate to a full unit. Example: Batch 1 units are Bitmain S5 - 1155gh/s, user would require 115.5 coins to exchange for hardware. GH secured hosting and maintenance for 90 days in advance. Thus, units can’t be sent during the first 90 days.*

GHcoin Owners

The GHcoin definition and a last of all GHcoin owners can be viewed here and they payout address to distribute the payouts can be seen here.

How to store GHcoins in a cold storage address.

GHcoin owners can store their GHcoins in a cold storage address and also receive their dividend payments to the same address. Check out the How to bellow

BTC Mining address




GetHashing BTC Mining Address #1




…to be continued…

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It’s time!


Very interesting, looking forward to hearing more details :slight_smile:


Let us know what you’d like to know. The first 4,150 shares have been issued to the beta testers yesterday. A list of all share owners can be found here.


WooooooHoooooo! Finally…my BTC’s have been sitting in my wallet itching to find some of their friends…they are going to be so excited to hear the news!


Your shares have been issued :wink:


Received! Super easy process…thanks!


Sounds interesting.
I threw some BTC in to see how things work out!
Hopefully I did it right.


Sweet sounds interesting. So I create account with, send BTC to fund the account, then send BTC to akRxK1TsFTXBfnm1BtX9LkKZeBLtYqoyuGf from account? Will my shares then show up in coinprisim account?


Awesome @ThePeddler, your tx is pending.

[quote=“Paulio, post:10, topic:907, full:true”]
Sweet sounds interesting. So I create account with, send BTC to fund the account, then send BTC to akRxK1TsFTXBfnm1BtX9LkKZeBLtYqoyuGf from account? Will my shares then show up in coinprisim account?[/quote]

That’s correct. Once your transaction has confirmed your shares will be issued with the next batch.


Ok sweet, do you mean next processing batch? Not next batch as in batch 2? There is still shares available in this first crowd funding batch right?


This link will let you know how many are left. I believe they issued 25,000 coins (shares). Here is how many are taken:


The next processing batch, sorry.

Correct, a total of 25,000 shares will be issued during batch one which represents 250 TH/s of owned hardware/hash power. Batch one is 217 S5 units hosted with Bitmain and controlled by us.


Ok great, I have sent almost 0.5 BTC (forgot about fees). Txid d7f8918b1b02f78be856fb22773a17d9e8ecc15d3296652a3f0ff5a20c689dc0

Hope I have done it right :smile:


-0.4999 :wink:


Yep that is the one :wink:


Everything else I have gotten into, I’ve been burned on since I came late to the party (best example is paycoin…)

I am hopeful getting in on something from the start can reverse the trend.
I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out!


I’ve been waiting for this, just sent my bitcoin :smile:

Also, this is my first post! Been lurking for a while.



Great reason to make your first appearance! I think a lot of people in the crypto world have been waiting for this type of mining.


You’re not alone. A lot of us got hit hard in the last 2 months with all them companies folding around us. That’s why we went down the path of “crowd hashing” instead of “just” launching another cloud hosting company. Transparency and backing our shares with hardware is very important to us thus we’ll never issue more shares than hash power / units available.

Once we launch our platform you’ll be able to monitor pretty much everything from shares in circulation, hash power allocated to users, GH’s power, the coins we’re mining and much more. We’ll make a separate announcement about the cloud tonight/tomorrow.

Welcome :slight_smile: