GHP - GetHashing Platinum


GetHashing Platinum

GetHashing Platinum is a limited edition asset issued to owners of GHcoin (batch 1) mining shares. Only 113 GHP have been issued to GHcoin owners as a token of appreciation for their confidence, trust and support in the GetHashing community crowd mining project and the team behind it.

What can I do with this asset?

At this time the asset is simply a collectible. GHP bears no monetary value, does not receive any sort of dividend payments nor does the asset represent a share in the GetHashing mining operation.

To be continued…GetHashing! :wink:

Your GetHashingTeam

Please Note

GHPs are currently issued to all GHX owners based on the GHX owners list as per 03/26/2015. The first few assets have been sent to known addresses. To claim your GHP please share the asset address associated with your GHX below. In case you don’t want to share your asset address publicly, please send me a PM.

Special shoutout to @lothendriel for creating the GHP logo. Thank you!

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