GHpool Mining Addresses


Below you’ll find a list of the coin generation addresses of the GHpool.

Public Pool:

Misc & Temporary Addresses

Ziftrcoin CPU PoW Mining Address:

  • ZaJAB9D248cnBAaBTf29hSNaF4ek3T1m6B
  • ZVF3g7wrWnAn1fWtaNFo7gCSQxnDhnrJCn
  • ZRaLmN3UwFu25MULXsRxRtjHvKD6Kzhiao
  • ZTkobcz6bxUq9ofoRGhqrisf6ZwKTXAsos

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@AnimoEsto Can you add the others in the topic too. From the pool stats we now have 9 coins on the pool.


Ziftrcoin address added to OP.


Is there actually a way to see what is in Ziftrcoin addresses? I have not found a block explorer for ziftr yet.