GHxchange - wallet addresses


When click on GHXCHANGE, then wallet address show up.
I have some address and its not possible to scroll down.
Now I cant see all address and click them.

When scroll down, then background goes up or down.

Any solution?


Do you have assets or BTC in the other addresses?

You can access the exchange with any of your BTC/Asset addresses from the GHwallet page by clicking on the :key: on the right side of your screen which stands for “protected pages” which will give you an option to authenticate with that address for the marketplace. Depending on the assets you have in your account(s) you might also have access to other protected / asset specific pages. GHplatinum has such a page for example.


have only assets in addresses

ok, thats the solution, thx


You’re welcome. However, if you have assets in those addresses then they should display as available in the GHxchange drop-down menu. What browser are you using?


Yes, they display in GHxchange drop-down menu.
I have more as 20 addresses and use chrome.

For me I cant scroll down in the menu, only the background is scrolling.


I understand now. That might be something @Daffy will have to look into. Thanks for bringing it up.


today someone is buying and I dont know how find out in which address is the sell order


Check on your Dashboard. All your listings are displayed there and a pending one would display “selling” instead of “sell”.


ok, yes now have seen