GIFTOFF.COM - UK based Gift Card purchaser

The quick and easy way to buy digital gift cards
Hi! We’re Gift Off, a UK based digital gift card retailer with the largest range on offer in Europe. Since February 2014 we’ve been enabling digital currency users to shop with major retailers like, Steam and Marks & Spencer. We stock over 190 gift cards and accept over 40 digital currencies as well as UK credit and debit cards.

Shop with Gift Off and earn Gift Off Points to make savings on future purchases!

Sounds familiar…
Looks like GYFT.COM has a startup competitor that I spotted and wanted to make it known to everyone.
Especially those outside the US looking for other options.
I don’t see any restrictions about US customers, but also inquired about it to them and will post the answer later.
Signup does not show United States.

Quick differences between GYFT and GIFTOFF
GIFTOFF - “Earn 2% back in Gift Off Points when you buy selected gift cards and make savings on future purchases.” (so not all gift cards and lower loyalty points.)

GIFTOFF - Able to purchase gift cards with 40+ Digital Currencies, also through CC/Debit and Paypal.
Need a reason and place to dump your alts? It may be here…
Sorry they don’t accept XPY :stuck_out_tongue:


Not heard of these guys before, but I do remember being available to Brits as far back as this time last year, I think.

That said, last time I looked, weren’t doing a 2% cash back type deal either. Think I’ll have to take a closer look…


Interesting. GYFT who I use religiously has differing points %s based on what method you use for purchases.

The accepting of paypal to me does not seem that smart, but I like the idea that someone is finally starting to take alt coins and give people a place to spend them. Someone other than that 1 sex shop that takes virtually every altcoin in existence :slight_smile: Maybe this will spark GYFT and gifter to both start looking at taking some alts, even the top 5 alts would be a good start, you would need to be able to sell them as the merchant taking them and not risk losing your shirt when you cash them out.

Please let us know what you hear back about us lowly folks in the states.


technically, if you have shaeshift lens installed on your browser, anywhere you can spend BTC you can already spend a large number of alts.

I know, it’s a bit of a work around, but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone passing by and reading this wasn’t aware :slight_smile:


True and while this a decent if not wonky workaround, what we really need for crypto to take off as a whole is both a circle/coinbase type solution to allow easy fiat<->top tier alts as well as for sites like newegg or overstock who already take BTC to start accepting LTC/BLK/DASH/etc, the top volume, top tier alts that set the bar for the other coins.

I am also looking forward to the day when I can scan a qr code at the grocery store and pay with any of the coins that have an android app. We are getting closer with coinomi’s HD approach, but we still have a ways to go.


For Canada, buying gift card is
Never tried yet. Anyone had experience with them ?