Girl drops out of Colleague because of Ubuntu


This is so hilarious :slight_smile:

Its a type of operating system similar to Windows but it’s not….what?


I saw this get retweeted. If dell really told her to just keep the laptop I’d be surprised. Sounds like to fix the problem she just had to call Verizon for some help with her internet.


So you think her reasoning was genuine? Maybe it’s me and the language barrier but I found the girls statement rather hilarious and waived it off as a lame excuse for having dropped out of Colleague.

The OS and Dell genuinely being the reasons that kept her from studying didn’t even cross my mind.


Depends. If dell told her “yeah, its the same thing as windows” then I’d understand why she was confused. Ubuntu prevented her from going to college? No. That’s on her for not picking up a phone to call Verizon or the college.


I got to admit - theres things that you can do easier in linux than windows :wink:


I got to say. Im a Windows Guy, I tried so many time to swtich to linux but it is not easy for non initiated person. Even Ubuntu that is the closest to windows that i tried, is not easy. I see people with freakin Optimizer Pro crap that call me to fix their computer to remove it when all they got to do is uninstall it… I wouldnt see them running linux. In her case, she was trying to use a cd from her ISP tell you that she knows nothing in computer so i see why she had problem with Ubuntu

Where my problem hits is its a new laptop, return it and get one with windows,


I could have sent her a cracked copy of windows with the remove WAT software. :smile:


You could have, but we dont approve of software piracy :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways - you can get cracked Windows anywhere with WAT removed if you know where to look :wink:


Of course not! I would never ever dare running an unlicensed copy of MS windows on any of my systems. That’s just immoral despite MS needs the money they make from licensing their operating system…lol

I don’t download movies either, I watch them on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:


Only used on computers that already had windows installed but fatally crashed due to windows update failure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So every month your reinstalling :wink:


Exactly :grin:


my windwos never crashes, never gets hacked and always (never) works as desired. But at least I skinned Win7 down to only use ~650 MB of ram. I wish Chrome would be so gentle on ram as well.

As for dropping or not attending school because your laptop ships with the wrong OS, lame


Yes mine does that too until I power up the computer then all hell breaks loose.


I’m a simpleton, I use a Mac. Never had any problems in the 4 years I have owned it. Hasn’t crashed once. I don’t dig into the OS much, just use it for graphics and design work. I am not as computer programming savy as most folks on here are. Learning though.


I’m running linux full time since about 15 years now. Even installed it on a brand new laptop without any problems. Everything worked out of the box LAN, Wifi Sound everything. I still don’t see what problems people have with linux.


LOL Daffy :laughing:


Haha… I read this a while back… The girls retarded. She NEEDS to stay in college to have any hope.


She dropped out of college because she was too smrt, not because of her laptop… She knew she’d make way more money dancing on a pole than sitting behind a desk…


see, “back in the days” this stuff didn’t happen. We had like books, and notebooks and paper and pens. I never had a problem installing a new pen to take a test at school :stuck_out_tongue: